The Unspoken Relationship Rules That Every Couple Need To Know

Shanaya Rishaan |Aug 30, 2019

Either are you in a long-term or a new relationship, you have to know these unsaid relationship rules and follow them to fulfill your love.

When being in a relationship, ordinarily you and your partner will make specific rules for each other. However, there are some unwritten relationship rules that both of you need to acknowledge before setting the new ones.

Once both parties follow these unspoken rules, the relationship will be reinforced. The list of the unspoken rules below will show you what should or should not do to keep mutual respect and understanding for a healthy and happy relationship.

Avoid swearing

Offensive words can destroy a relationship. Though swearing could reduce your anger, when you are in a relationship, saying those bad words to your partner is a bad idea.

People don’t want to be called by another ugly name, so the words you said as you lost your temper can hurt their feelings and then leads to disappointments.

Thus, do not swear at your partners no matter how mad you are.

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Do not insult the family of both parties

One of the most important relationship rules that you need to keep in your mind is never insulting the family either of yours or your lover's.

Even if you don’t get along with your family member or don’t like your partner’s parents, do not express it offensively. If you don’t follow this rule, you will put your love on the edge of collapse.

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The “You” becomes a “We”

When you decided to take a relationship seriously, the important rule you should remember is that the “You” becomes a “We”.

This means the action you take will affect your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s life, so it will acquire an agreement from both of you.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult your partner before making any big decision revolving around your relationship.

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Never humiliate each other

No one is perfect, neither is your lover. The unspoken rule here is that you should never disgrace them by using their weak or sensitive traits.

If you take their weakness for your advantages, this means that you have no respect for the one who has laid their love on you, and they will leave you immediately.

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Do not ever threaten or give ultimatums

This is another essential unspoken rule that you need to follow if you want to keep your successful love.

In any circumstance, do not say the word “divorce” or “breakup” to your partner if you don’t mean that, especially when both of you have arguments.

Since everyone has their own ego, if an ultimatum is given in an aggressive conversation, they will make a decision that hurt the other before they acknowledge it.

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Prevent others from coming between you

This rule means that only two of you know the problem that you have been through, not your family or friends. Therefore, do not share or let anyone interfere in your own relationship issues unless you want to have everything messed up.

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Focus on the positive points of each other

Love needs sympathy and compassion, so do not keep criticizing your partner’s flaws. It’s better when you try to concentrate on the positive sides of one another because you will notice how wonderful they are.

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Leave the past behind

It is crucial for you to put all the problems that were solved behind to better your relationship. If you try to remind those past conflicts every time you get angry, it will lead to nothing and ruin your relationship.

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Compromise is key

Love needs sacrifice from both parties, so having a give-and-take relationship will fulfil your heart and help both of you grow up. Hence, to build a healthy relationship, what you need to do is to practice mutual caring from the first stage of love.

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Encourage and support each other's dreams

Everyone has a dream and it’s wonderful if the people you love is always by your side to help you make this dream come true. Thus, when being together, supporting each other will build trust in your relationship and make it flourish.

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