Teenage Girl Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth, Period Came Monthly & Stomach Was Flat

Leela Adwani |Mar 03, 2021

A teenager didn’t know she was carrying a baby until she gave birth to her baby son.

Gone are the days when “work hard, play harder” is the favorite quote of young people. Instead, “play hard, the baby will come one day” sounds more reasonable. It turns out to be a warning for millennials nowadays.

The Young Mom With Her Baby Oscar
The young mom with her baby Oscar

Here is the story of the teenage mom Siobhan Buchanan. The teenager who comes from Perth, Scotland didn’t know she was carrying a baby until she gave birth to her baby son.

How the baby Oscar was born?

Siobhan and her then-boyfriend (21) made sure they practiced safe s*x. Getting pregnant was less likely to happen while they were in a relationship.

She had never thought she was expecting as the teenager had no sign of pregnancy. Siobhan’s bump even didn’t get bigger and especially her period still came monthly.

A Flat Stomach In Her Seventh Month Of Pregnancy
A flat stomach in her seventh month of pregnancy

In March 2019 when she was at work, the teenager felt back pains. On the next day, Siobhan was hospitalized. The doctors informed her that she was in labor and at that moment, she knew she was having a baby inside her bump.

Just a few minutes later, the baby arrived when his mother was yet to regain her calm because of his surprise coming.

Siobhan At Her 8th Month Of Pregnancy
Siobhan at her 8th month of pregnancy and her stomach seemed to be unchanged.

The mother of one said,

“I’d been using c.o.n.d.o.m.s with my boyfriend, had a flat stomach and had periods every month.”

Her mother’s reactions

Her mom Yvonne Buchanan who is a shop assistant had noticed the changes in Siobhan’s face. Yvonne thought that it looked quite puffy.

Siobhan And Oscars Father
Siobhan and Oscar's father

The mother became convinced she was pregnant. Siobhan laughed it off for the first time she heard it but obviously, her mom was right.

The Baby Boy Oscar
Oscar is 23 months old now.

A few weeks later, she wanted her daughter to take a pregnancy test to make sure she didn’t carry a baby but she refused to do so.

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