Struggles To Live Off $105 Per Week, Couple Clear $25K Debt After Swapping Their House With A Wealthy Family

Leela Adwani |Mar 08, 2021

Natalie Rigby and Mike Rigby live off $105 per week for a family of four from the wage of the husband's part-time job

A couple from Birmingham, the United Kingdom, who are struggling to make ends meet managed to clear their debt of $25.2k after swapping their lives with wealthy property developers on a reality show.

Life of the couples before attending the show

The Rigbys

Natalie Rigby and Mike Rigby live off $105 per week for a family of four from the wage of his part-time job. Unfortunately, the wife has a form of epilepsy and she isn’t able to work. That’s why Mike can’t find steady nine-to-fine employment.

Natalie Rigby And Mike Rigby
The couple was in huge debt before the show

As a result, Natalie and Mike who are parents to two little daughters had been in debt of $46.2k including overdue bills and bank loans.

Understanding the pressure that her husband has to carry on, she wishes she could something to help him.

However, the epilepsy medication causes her often drained.

The Girradis

The wealthy couple Lloyd Girrardi and Lydia Girrardi comes to the show with a property portfolio worth $33.6 million. No prize for guessing, they live their life king size. Living in a five-bedroom residence located in Northamptonshire, the couple is running a very successful business.

Lloyd is a luxury motors collector who owns an Asten Martin, a Ferrari, an Audi Q5, Fiat 500 worth $210k in total.

Lloyd Girrardi And Lydia Girrardi
Lloyd Girrardi and Lydia Girrardi has an extravagant lifestyle.

Despite the extravagant lifestyle, Lloyd has always been obsessed with his past. He always credits his current success to his wife’s parents who supported them $35k in the early days of their business.

Previously, Lloyd’s life was also struggling as a traveling salesman. Because of the financial support from his parents-in-law, Lloyd could pay off the debts and start a new and wealthy life.

How does the show “Rich House, Poor House” run?

Every family who participates in the show will have a chance to experience a life that is totally opposite their normal. Most of them are eager to know how luxurious lives look like. They will swap houses, budgets, and schedules for a week.

Mike And Natalie Have Two Daughters
Mike And Natalie Have Two Daughters

Mike and Natalie are thrilled to know how they will live with a budget of $1680 for a week which is a far cry from the usual $105.

Meanwhile, the rich family struggles to understand they can manage their lives with that tight budget.

Why Natalie and Mike can clear their debt?

On the first day, the Rigbys decided to splurge on luxurious items that are something they have never imagined of.

On the other hand, Lloyd and his wife are forced to live with $37.8. The Girradies quickly realized that his family and Mike’s family are worlds apart financially.

Lloyd Is A Luxury Motors Collector
Lloyd also has two kids.

Lydia also discovered the unpaid bills of the Rigby family in the kitchen and learned of their debt.

Lloyd and Lydia then understand more about the tough situation of the Rigbys and especially the health condition Natalie.

Mike Can Clear His Debt
Mike finally knows how to overcome the financially difficult situation.

Seeing himself in Mike, Lloyd wanted to offer the 1:1 coaching to help his fellow show participant. He and his wife also gift the couple a self-development retreat. Thankfully, it works as Mike could shave $25.2k of his $46.2k debt thanks to Lloyd’s mentorship.

Mike has also found a full-time job with a well-paid salary that can support his family.

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