Scientists Explain Why More Men Are Being Killed In The Pandemic Than Women

Hanima Anand |Mar 25, 2020

More men seem to be dying from the dangerous virus than women and now based on the data collected, researchers unveil the reasons why. Check them below!

It’s not the first time that the world is informed more men are at risk of coronavirus than women while the number of deaths belonging to the stronger gender is clearly higher than their counterparts.

More men are dying of coronavirus than women

Initially, scientists couldn’t explain why because they haven't collected sufficient data from different countries other than China. But now, they can be more confident reasoning for the situation.

Men Infected With Coronavirus
The number of male deaths doubles that of women in Italy.
  • In Italy, men account for 60% of infectious people while making up 70% of those who died.
  • In South Korea, though the number of women positive with coronavirus is much higher, 54% of deaths are male.
  • In Germany, 18 men died of Covid-19 for every 10 women deaths. In Iran and France, the ratio is 14 male deaths against 10 females.

Therefore, researchers now can conclude the situation at least for the 20 studied countries that more men are dying than women when infected with coronavirus, but why?

Men have more unhealthy habits than women

The very first reason everyone should agree is men practice more unhealthy habits than the weaker gender.

Indian Man Smoking
Smoking or drinking alcohol obviously does harm to men's health.

According to research in 2015, men smoke 5 times more than women. The same ratio applies to drinking alcohol as well.

These bad habits clearly affect male immune system, making them more vulnerable to viruses. Women, on the other hand, shows a stronger immune response against virus in general thanks to their lifestyle as well as the fact that women spend part of their lives co-existing with a foreign body inside (their babies) which give them an advantage in immunity.

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Men have more pre-existing conditions

From such unhealthy habits, men often experience more health problems which get worse when the coronavirus attacks their body.

People with severe Covid-19 disease are reported to have various pre-existing conditions like cardiovascular disease, lung cancer or hypertension.

Coronavirus Outbreak In India
India has ordered a nationwide lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Sarah Hawkes, a professor and co-director of Global Health, stated:

"If Covid-19 is following the same kind of patterns that we see across a range of other diseases, what we know is that men tend to have across their life courses greater risks of exposure to behaviors that will lead to adverse health outcomes in the long term."

To conclude, based on the above sex-disaggregated data, men are more at risk of coronavirus infection as well as seem to be dying more than their female counterparts. This is mostly due to their bad habits which form pre-existing conditions.

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