WARNING!!! 10 Crazy-But-True Reasons That Can Lead Happy Couples To Divorce

Priyansh Ha |Jul 29, 2019

Be aware of the 10 most sneaky signs which can lead you to the dead-end of the relationship.

There are endless reasons which cause a marriage to fall apart. While most of them are visible and considered 'serious' problems, there are also some reasons which are absolutely too bizarre and non-sense to believe.

Here are 10 most sneaky signs which can lead you to the dead-end of the relationship. Be aware!

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Source: Sky News

1. A Bride With Pre-wedding Jitters

While the groom who has doubts about his wedding doesn’t have an influence on the future of his marriage, a bride does. According to a study, a bride who has cold feet can double the risk of divorce.

2. Couples Who Got Married At Young Age

Getting married when you’re not immature and inexperienced can cause a higher risk of divorce. In most cases, you will be totally different in the next 10 or 15 years which makes it difficult to get along with your partner.

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3. Growing Up In A Split Family

People whose parents got divorced is 40% more likely to suffer from the same situation in their first marriage. Meanwhile, the risk of splitting up when they get remarried is up to 91%.

4. A Challenging Child

23% of parents whose child is diagnosed with ADHD tend to get a divorce before their child turns 8.

5. One Partner Smokes

Couples with only one partner smokes will face a higher risk of divorce than those with both or none of them smokes. It mainly because of the gap between lifestyle and value.

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6. Financial Issues

Happiness or misery, money is the major cause. The more bills and debts a couple have to pay off, the more likely their relationship will fall into pieces.

7. Couples Who Live Together Before Marriage

There is a strong connection between cohabitation and divorce as they are less likely to be committed in the marriage. Several studies have pointed out that living together before an official wedding might increase the possibility of splitting up by 12%.

8. Your Occupation Can Decide

Apart from military and police, choreographers and dancers also have the highest chance of getting divorced with 43%. While bartenders face the rate of 38%, psychiatric, nursing, and home health aides have 9% less likely to get divorced.

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Source: Huff Post

9. You Live In Maine Or Nevada

Your location also decides the risk of getting divorced based on the average age of marriage, demographic factors, and incomes. According to statistics, residents in Nevada and Maine face the highest risk of getting divorced by 14.6% and 14.2& representatively. Meanwhile, New York only has the lowest rate of divorced residents by only 8.8%.

10. The Wife Is The Breadwinner

Researches show that family, where the wife makes more than 60% of the income, will be 50% more likely to get divorced than a family with a housewife.


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