Forget The Odds Ways Of Dating, Take Inspiration From These Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Ankita Chetana |Apr 09, 2020

Social distancing turns couples difficult to stay connected. Don't worry, we are here to help you with the best quarantine dating ideas than ever.

Rather an ordinary dating way, in the time of social distancing, quarantine date night might works wonder than ever. Due to the lockdown, you two cannot go to the cinema or enjoy a bit of romance at a well-decorated restaurant. But don't be sad, these are some quality quarantine date night ideas for you that we believe you will be fond of.

We don't compile this list on our own opinions, these ideas come from couples therapists, matchmaker, and dating coaches. Now, it's time to learn a useful and creative way to score a bonus in your partner's eyes.

If you two are far away from each other

A virtual tour around a museum

One Fish Dating relationship coach Meg Rector suggests couples using connecting apps like Zoom to visit some art museums while staying at home. She said:

"Art has an incredible way of provoking questions and sparking conversations that might not happen otherwise."

Memory photo sharing through video-conference

Recalling the funny memories with old photos is not a bad idea for quarantine date night. You two will make the most of this time when sharing the historical moments from your past to each other. Love needs memory to build a firm wall of romance and it's time for you to use that weapon.

Join question time to open your love again

36 Questions That Lead To Love
Join your partner to answer the question sets of your love

Founder of Three Day Rule matchmaking company Talia Goldstein considers the quarantine period is an extraordinary time to understand your partner more. She shared:

"We suggest getting comfortable, perhaps with a glass of wine, and asking each other questions from The New York Times' "Questions That Lead to Love" or read a chapter from John Gottman's "Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love". By answering these questions, you will form a deeper emotional connection and feel even close to each other than you did before."

Basic quarantine date nights with a virtual movie party

If you both like watching films, this sounds a good idea to share your interests. Invest time and thoughts into a movie and then raise some questions about it asking your partner. This act helps to connect lovers together whereas the winner can decide which movie to watch next.

Compete with each other through a Lego game

Lego Game During Quarantine
Set a time to play your favorite lego game and share the product with your partner

Do you like Legos? If yes, why don't you order some Lego sets to master your brain this time? Mark your time limit and show the masterpiece to your partner. Goldstein claimed that it's such a kind of childhood recalling and creative method to spend your quarantine time.

Play online board games

Board games seem to be not strange to many people and it's quite entertaining. You can play online with your partner and hang on the video call with him/her at the same time. Competition sometimes creates wonder to your relationship.

Online class together

Your partner turns to be your study buddy, it sounds extraordinary and fantastic. You don't need to choose a difficult subject to learn while there are a few classes of wellbeing science now. Those skills can improve yourself and your partner as well that you both can feel better in the future.

Same dishes, different kitchens

Same Meals Different Kitchens
Compare you two's meals after following the same recipe of the dish

One of the best quarantine date night ideas is cooking the same meal under the same recipe. Both of you can join a video-conference and record the process of making the same dish. Let's see if who makes it better. Cooking and meals are the best way to register a love.

Share books day by day

Rodman suggests:

"Download the same book and read a little of it every day. Discuss at night. Good ideas are: each of your favorite books from earlier in your lives, a new book on a topic you're both interested in or the book version of a movie you've watched together. Intellectual conversation can keep your relationship interesting, especially when it feels like Groundhog Day every day."

If you are living together

Dancing king and queen at home

Dance Together At Home
Turn on the music and dance!

According to Womble, your quarantine time will become joyful and exciting if you and your partner dance together. There are many songs on Spotify as well as some other music platforms for you to make the theme of your dancing party. Let's become the king and queen of dance moves at home!

Invite another couple to join a virtual double date

Why not? As crazy as it might sound, two duos can have fun with an entertaining game for couples. You can ask your close friend's couple and invite them into an online conference and remake 'The Newlywed Game'. Wow, you will not forget this incredible moment.

Use your creativity to make crafts and arts

Make Crafts With Your Partner
Crafts will favor a couple with time spending under creativity

Following what Rodman shared, you two can make use of some available supplies and materials inside your house and follow some tutorial YouTube videos to create a craft.

"At the very least, you can learn to sketch together. Learning a new skill of any kind together is a bonding experience, and novelty - as well as the off-balance feeling when you try something  you're not already good at - can make you feel some of the spark you felt in your earliest dating days."

Join together in practicing workouts

It is said that a single person feels hard to find motivation in exercises but two can be different. Not only improving your blood circulation and overall health but both of you can also taste a fonder bond. Workouts, moreover, help to increase your working productivity and happiness in life.

Arrange a time to play with childlike games

Rodman shared:

"Break out a deck of cards and teach each other games you learned as a kid. Remember Old Maid, Go Fish, Spit and War? These are fun and can spark conversations about who taught you each game and memories from your families of origin, sleep-away camp or other formative situations."

We hope that you two will share an unforgettable time with each other based on the above amazing ideas of quarantine date night. Stay healthy and loved!

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