How To Keep Economic Development In Line With Saving Lives, PM Narendra Modi On Coronavirus Lockdown

Ankita Chetana |Apr 11, 2020

During the coronavirus lockdown across the country, PM Modi is thinking of the way to balance between business and saving lives. Deeds inside!

After hearing from Indian people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to consider every Chief Minister's points of view. After that, he will think of whether extending or ending the coronavirus lockdown. However, he will announce the final decision to everyone directly when it comes nearly to April 14.

Pm Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now hearing all the suggestions from his key advisors and Chief Ministers

On Thursday and Friday, the PM made presentations created by his empowered groups and principal advisors upon the balance between facing the pandemic and livelihood in 6 hours. As of now, the country isn't prepared for a worse situation of Stage 3 - coronavirus community transmission due to a lack of the medical infrastructure.

Indian People Are Waiting For Pm Modi Decision
People in India are still waiting for their PM's next decision of the coronavirus lockdown while they want to extend it.

A senior member of the empowered committees said:

"The earliest call to make is to extend the lockdown, the toughest one is how to lift it so that India does not go into negative growth."

On April 10, PM Modi listened to suggestions from his major advisors led by Principal Advisor P K Sinha, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, CEO NITI Aaayog Amitabh Kant, Principal Secretary PK Mishra, Additional Secretary (PMO) AK Sharma, and Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba.

Some Areas Under Green Zone Will Open Back
If the country divides into three zones of yellow, red, and green, the green one will be permitted to be open back to normal for the condition of no coronavirus cases reported.

We all understand that saving Indian lives is important and another thing is on the same key consideration is the economic revision when containers are jamming the ports and some main port cities such as Chennai and Mumbai are affected by COVID-19.

Yellow Zone Will Be Monitored
Meanwhile, the yellow zones will cover parts of some economic activities under the monitoring of limited coronavirus cases

A senior official stated:

"We have to revive activity in ports so that essential containers are locked behind non-essential containers and hence required to be removed. If we start the essential activity, then the patrol constable on the road must learn to distinguish between the essential and non-essential."

Due to the emergency situation of reviving economic activities in the time of the coronavirus lockdown, the country would be designed to seal the red, green, and yellow zones. Since then, the red zones of the most severely-affected areas will remain closed. Meanwhile, the yellow zones with less and controlled numbers of infected cases will go under monitoring but people will be permitted to move. Whereas the green zones with a better track will be allowed to come back to normal.

Red Zone In India
The red zone of the areas with the most positive cases will continue to shut down

An official believes the upcoming season of harvesting can recover a part for the nation's economy. He shared:

"There are some 400 districts in this country that are not affected by the virus. We may look at opening them to activity and take a graded call on other districts by labelling them in yellow and green zones. One must not forget that the harvesting season begins from April 14 and India is a largely agrarian economy."

At this time, PM Narendra Modi has been planning to provide HCQ, PPE, and masks during the meetings and conferences. This means that he is ready to understand the whole effect of the coronavirus lockdown after this weekend to make the final decision. As published his credibility to everyone, what he will decide will take effect to the last word.

Earlier, the PM had shared a hint of a possibility to maintain the lockdown more. Watch the video below:

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