What’s The Best And Romantic Places For A Date?

Kaira Immre |Aug 17, 2019

Among the traffic and the chaos of Mumbai city, every couple needs a place where they can enjoy a nice time together. This post will give you some perfect places in Mumbai for a date, which surely satisfies almost the people.

Mumbai is known as being the home to the vibrant Indian movie industry Bollywood, and the aid-back and cosmopolitan vibe as well. So, in this crowded and famous city, you’re too tired of finding ideal places to have a romantic date? While you get bored when going to dinner at a familiar restaurant with your partner?

Don’t worry! Because Mumbai has various amazing places as date concept. Here is a list of some romantic and beautiful places for a date. It's sure that you and your lover can enjoy a perfect time together:


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Be hard to go to the gym. Your running steps on the treadmill not only are good for your health but also can be the beginning steps into someone’s heart. BE SURE.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or not, a gym (or yoga, kick-boxing studio) is still a perfect place to meet someone. When sharing a common love for fitness, it’s easy for two of you to create a close and credible relationship to partners. In addition, the conversation at the gym is totally healthy and conscious.

It’s not like in crazy places as club, bar or party as at these places, you are often controlled by wine or other alcoholic drinks. In contrast, the dialogue in the gym is totally conscious. Most importantly, sweating and panting help you feel more natural and realistic. Removing all the sparkling make-up layers and attractive outfits, you can see each other who they actually are.

Music Concerts

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If you and your partner are music lovers, the concert is hands down one of the great places in Mumbai for a date. Imagine! Two of you are standing closely in a packed stadium and enjoying the same tune together. Wow, it will be very great because of the energy, the heat from other audiences and the electric reaction between two of you.

Moreover, the atmosphere at any concerts is also so intoxicating and comfortable. It makes people feel more comfortable to start a conversation than other places. The partner’s mood is quite good, which means that chances of you being turned down are low.

Art Events

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Whether or not you’re an art connoisseur, you still can go to the art events. Just need to believe yourself! Furthermore, it’s sure that you shall be impressed by someone who is trying to pay attention to something that he/she didn’t love before, right? And again. Sharing the interest of art is also an easy but effective way to strike up a conversation or even have the next dates.


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Perhaps, many of us love watching romantic, horror or action movies on the big screen. But now is 2019 - it’s time to get over these kinds of film. The theatre isn’t boring and asleep like you thought. A nice play also helps you feel relax and happy as much as a movie or an entertainment show.

One more great thing about the theatre is the ideal pre-show area. It creates a convenient space for you to meet someone and talk together about the play that will be performed after. Believe me! It’s worth you going to the theatre - one of should come to places in Mumbai for a date.

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