Nude Beach In India - When Your Wildest Imagination Becomes Reality

Leela Adwani |May 06, 2020

Have you ever thought that you will go to a nude beach one day despite the fact that it might land you in trouble sometimes? Check out the list!

Going to a nude beach somehow turns out to be a must in the bucket list of many travelers and it even becomes a trend among millennials. Even though it’s a strong (maybe secret) wish of many, we bet a majority of Indian travelers have shied away from this dream for long. In fact, public nudity is still illegal in India, of course, these hidden treasures are way too underrated.

Have you ever thought that you will go to a nude beach one day despite the fact that it might land you in trouble sometimes? Many naturists in India truly want to immerse themselves into nature and visit some beaches to chill and take sunbath naked.

Nude Beach 2
There is more than one nude beach in India

The fact is that Inda has an impressive coastline and some of them are the world’s top attractions. However, little do we know that nude or naked beaches do exist in our country and not everyone knows about them and dares to pay them a visit.

Nude Beach
Going to a naked beach is an unusual but great experience

If walking naked in public is not a big deal for you, here is the list of nude beaches where you can meet your like-minded travelers in every square foot.

Ozran Beach

Nestled in a hidden corner of the nation’s major tourist attraction, Goa, Ozran is hands down a dreamland of nude beach lovers. It’s known for the hippie and nude crowd and mostly visited by foreigners. One thing makes Ozrab Beach way more interesting as it isn’t accessible easily. That means it’s not a beach for the mass. To get there, you have to climb on a hill. The beach is situated between Vagator and Anjuna and is much more secluded and clean than most beaches in the neighborhood.

Butterfly Beach

Goa, once again, made it to the list. Even it’s the smallest state in the country but packed with a lot of hidden gems alluring many travelholics.  This topless beach is located in the South Goa and like Ozrab, Butterfly Beach is not a beach for the public either. You have to rent a boat from Agonda Beach or trekking through the jungle to get there. However, it’s totally worth it. This beach will be a treat for adventure seekers.

Butterfly Beach In Goa
Hidden and untouched corner in bustling Goa

Paradise Beach

Chilling at a naked beach is not the norm and of course, getting there has never been an easy task. Convincing the boatman is the first thing you have to do en route to Paradise Beach where witnesses a lot of hippies. They come here every year to sunbath in nude and soak up the laid-back vibe, unwind with turquoise blue water.

Nude Beach 3
It will be a one-of-a-kind beach vacation

Agatti Island

If Kadmatt made it to top must-visit destinations in May, Agatti Island which is also situated in Lakshadweep surely raises the bar higher when it comes to the serenity. Agatti lies in a far-flung corner in the Arabian Ocean. You need to get a permit to visit this beautiful and untouched island. It’s known to be a nude beach and a reals stunner in India. Its heartbreakingly natural beauty is bound to take your breath away.

Nude Beach 4
Walking naked with your partner

Palolem Beach

Don’t tell us you don’t expect Goa to feature in this list again. Yes, your wish is fulfilled. In fact, Palolem is a popular tourist attraction itself, but little do we know that there is a stunningly beautiful but lesser-known lagoon nearby. It’s time to use your convincing skill as only locals know how to get there. You will end up finding a wonder water spot and now, just pack your bags lightly because you don’t need many clothes for this trip anyway.

Palolem Beach India
Palolem Beach

Vacationing on a nude beach will a great experience in your life. Let your fantasy run wild!


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