Never Go For A Marriage For These Reasons, Or You’ll Soon Regret It!

Kimmy Karima |Sep 08, 2019

There are some good and some bad reasons to do something. But when it comes to a very important matter, like your marriage, you really have to think carefully. Try not to say “I do” for the wrong reasons, like the ones below.

Tying the knot with a wrong person is painful enough, tying the knot for the wrong reason may be much more regrettable. Because while the former maybe not in your control, the latter is.

So, if you’re thinking of marriage, check deep down inside you to see if the reason behind is one of those listed below. If so, be careful, because they’re just plain wrong ones to wed.

“I’m getting too old to have a baby”

You should only have a baby when you’re both physically and mentally ready.

Some doctors may recommend you to have a baby before a certain age. And it’s true that basically, you’re physically healthier in your 20s than in your 30s or beyond. But there’s another fact you should keep in mind that now there are suitable fertilization methods that help defeat the worry about the time and age to give birth to a baby.

Furthermore, if you marry someone to have a baby, you may multiply your problems later on.

“My friends have all settled down”

Your friends have their choices, and you have yours./Photo: GettyImages.

You’re competing with your friends, aren’t you? What kind of life is it when you’re always comparing yours with others’? Isn’t it just like a race or something? Please, you don’t have to keep up with anybody, especially regarding your personal matters.

And who knows, maybe your friends are envious with you because you’re enjoying your uncommitted life with maximum freedom!

“My family/relatives are urging me”

No one else should decide when you should get married.

So you live your life according to what others say, don’t you? No one has the right to make you do something you don’t want to, no matter how close they are to you because what you think of yourself and how you live your own life are much more critical.

Moreover, why on earth are they urging you to get married? Shouldn’t they have some respect for your choice of living anyway?

“Everyone gets married, period”

Not everyone has to marry someone, period.

Who puts that thought in your mind? It’s not only a wrong reason, but it’s also a wrong perception! Yes, getting married is conventional, but many people don’t follow the conventional way anymore. Not all traditions are set in stone. Some rules are there to be broken anyway.

“I don’t want to walk alone”

Marriage isn’t a solution to your loneliness.

You feel lonely without a real spouse, that is sometimes understandable. But it’s even worse when you feel lonely even when you have a spouse! That’s when you don’t get along well with him/her and you two don’t have much to share. So don’t use your loneliness as a reason to convince yourself to wed.

Everyone feels lonely occasionally, so rest assured that the feeling comes and goes. But if you constantly feel lonely and are unable to lift yourself up, you should think of deeper psychological problems and may need professional help.

“I have to take a gentleman before they all get married”

You should find the right one, not just a good one.

Why do you think of good men like the discounted things and that everyone has to rush to catch one? And what’s the point of catching a seemingly good man if he doesn’t love you or isn’t compatible to you?

Remember that marrying the wrong person doesn’t necessarily mean marrying a bad one, but often someone who’s not right for you. So be patient, and your true soulmate will come, someday.

“A married couple is better for the children”

Good parenting doesn’t depend on marital status.

Anyone, even a single parent, can be good for children if they’re loving, caring, kind, and patient enough. Besides, there are many other things that contribute to a child’s development. So, marriage isn’t a magic tool to create good parents, no matter how you think about it.

In short, don’t go for marriage just for the sake of it. There’s a right time for everything, and you’ll know when it comes. Meanwhile, enjoy your every moment of every day, with or without a partner.


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