On National Orgasm Day, Here Are Some Tips To Make Your Day Go With A Bang

Leela Adwani |Aug 01, 2020

On the occasion of National Orgasm Day, we bring you some tips to make your day go off with a bang.

Along with Valentine’s Day, April Fool Day that is celebrated every year across the world, do you know that in the US and UK, they also have National Orgasm Day which is celebrated annually on 31 July and 2020 is, of course, no different.

National Orgasm Day
Best tips for National Orgasm Day

It’s believed to have the first celebration in 2015 but it’s still unclear why it falls on 31 July each year. However, one thing for sure that most couples usually have a lot of fun with their intimate celebrations on this special day.

On the occasion of National Orgasm Day, we bring you some tips to make your day go off with a bang.

Tips for him

The fact is that on this day, men are advised to take time to seduce his lover. Many don’t know that the longer as well as more deliciously he lead her through her first phases of arousal, her orgasm will become more glorious.

National Orgasm Day
The man should be a good listener

This is also a perfect chance to prove that you are a good listener. While admiring her and expressing how you want her, you’re already indulging in the serious foreplay. Bear in mind that never overestimate the importance to make your partner feel special and valued not only in terms of relationship but also the state of orgasm. If your partner is into being on top, Asian Cowgirl is highly recommended.

Tips for her

We bet that your man will get extremely excited after hearing you announcing today is National Orgasm Day. If you usually make him come with a flirtatious look and a few minutes to shatter fellatio, then don’t try it today.

The tip is that before letting him touch your body, create the great tension first as it will help move up his climax to the Richter Scale. Yes, no touching, make him impatiently sit there and watch you.

National Orgasm Day 3
Building intense is highly recommended

Remember to keep eye contact while you are letting your dress slowly fall, stand naked but your stockings. Still, don’t let him touch you as you will lean over him closely to make him feel the increasing heat in your breaths, then kiss his stomach.

For both of you

Harmonization between the two can be seen in this situation. A simple technique is modified for considerable pleasure. For instance in Missionary, when he slides the body along hers horizontally, a grinding motion is bound to bring her an incredibly orgasmic stimulation.

National Orgasm Day 4
Mix it up!

In fact, National Orgasm Day is an ideal time to try different love-making possibilities.

And if you are single

Never think that if you are alone, then you won’t reach orgasm. Even when you are not in a relationship, on this day, you can do it yourself. Yes, it’s time to make your finger become more productive. It can be a very glorious thing. Why don’t you give it a try?

National Orgasm Day 5
Why's so serious? Single is not a matter

With some tips above, hope you will have a hard-to-forget National Orgasm Day.

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