Most Romantic, Electrifying Outdoor Date Ideas For Your Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 25, 2019

If you want to take your regular dates to another level, try these best outdoor date ideas which perfectly fits your zodiac sign.

Both of you want to spend some quality time together, but the dinner date and movie date sound cliche. If you are looking for something more gratifying, outdoor dates are the best. They give you all the chance to be active and increase the zest for life with your partner.

It is a beautiful day outside. You merely want to take a break from your busy life and have fun with your lover. Wait no more, just put on sneakers and kick the fun up a notch with an outdoor date that perfectly fits your zodiac sign below.

Aries: Amusement Park

Outdoor Date Love 2

You are incredibly adventurous, living life very positively in the fast lane. Others might hate the ride noise and vibration at the amusement park, but you find it fun and electrifying. If your partner wants to impress you on a date, they should take you on a roller-coaster or win you big prizes from the game booths.

Taurus: Glamping

Outdoor Date Love 3

Taurus is the biggest hedonist of the zodiac. You prize beauty, live for pleasure, and know how to indulge yourselves. Camping might sound boring, but glamping can entirely impress you. Glamorous date night with wines and candle lights could be the sweetest romantic escape for which you have been looking.

Gemini: A Trip To Another City

Outdoor Date Love 4

You are adventurous by nature, engaging in traveling and learning new concepts. Plan a trip to a city that both of you have never been to, meet new people, and experience local food. Best dates for you are the ones that sound like a short trip as you are a born traveler.

Cancer: Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Date Love 5

Once you find someone you genuinely love, you only want to lavish them with affection and attention. If you desire to get close as much as possible outside, invite your partner out for an outdoor cinema. While enjoying a romantic movie, both of you can cuddle and stroke each other's arm gently.

Leo: Stadium

Outdoor Date Love 6

Leo has a thing for activities that allows them to be aggressive and competitive. You love to join a sporting game, shouting your heart out and enjoying the crazy atmosphere in a stadium. Even if you are not interested in sports, you still love to be a part of that chaotic crowd.

Virgo: Picnic

Outdoor Date Love 7

Being a Virgo, you are hardworking, helpful, and detail-oriented. Any activity that let you show your caring and precise sides are likely to entertain you the most. A picnic might sound outdated, but it is sweet and relaxing. It also offers you a chance to prepare everything, from those delicious sandwiches to several practical things like napkins, forks, and an umbrella.


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