Most Romantic, Electrifying Outdoor Date Ideas For Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 25, 2019

No matter the weather, you can find a way to enjoy time outside with your boo. Find out the best outdoor date ideas for you, based on your zodiac sign.

First dates sound fun, but then both of you slowly lose interest in hanging out due to the lack of new ideas. If you want to spice up your current relationship, take advantage of the outdoor offerings wherever you live. You might dislike the idea, but outdoor dates are not all about hiking or climbing.

You are looking for a way to treat yourself and your boo to a little fun but find it challenging to come up with creative approaches. Do not worry. We are here to offer you a list with several electrifying outdoor date ideas that perfectly fits your zodiac sign.

Libra: Stargazing

Outdoor Date Love 8

Your sign is cultured, refined, and obsessed with beautiful things. As you have a something for aesthetic beauty, going out for stargazing on a beautiful night sounds incredibly romantic for you. Bring your partner, plop down a blanket, and spend time marveling over the stars together.

Scorpio: Water Sports

Outdoor Date Love 9

Your sign is known to be extremely brave and daring. Pick water sports for your outdoor dates because you are likely to take the lead regardless of the situation's risk. They bring you the joy, the scary feelings, and even the fresh atmosphere for which you are craving. From rafting to free-diving, the choice is in your hand.

Sagittarius: Hiking

Outdoor Date Love 10

Sagittarius people are incredibly active, loving open spaces and outdoor activities. You will feel happy if you can get a chance to be one with nature, even when it comes to dating. Hiking might sound daunting to others, but it makes a perfect date for you. It seems like a fancier-sounding version of walking together with your boo on a beautiful day.

Capricorn: Farmer's Market

Outdoor Date Love 11

You belong to a group of the most down-to-earth people in this world. You dislike the cringy, romantic date ideas, heading for something more practical and realistic. Going to a farmer's market can satisfy your needs. It leaves you a good taste in your mouth and a romantic, domestic feeling when being with your partner.

Aquarius: Climbing

Outdoor Date Love 12

Aquarius's unique perspective can often come off as detached or weird. While most people love to spend time chilling with their lovers, you appreciate the outdoor activities that give you a good sweat. Thus, climbing might be a marvelous date for you. Once reaching the top, both of you can enjoy the taste of love as well as victory together.

Pisces: Going To The Beach

Outdoor Date Love 13

Pisces' symbol depicts two fishes swimming, so it comes as no surprise that the sea is your therapy. You merely want to take your lover to the beach, enjoying the combo of soothing sand, crashing sound waves, and warming sunshine. If you are done with the chilling part, try some fun activities such as sandcastle building or surfing to make the most of your beach date.


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