Moon Sign: Do You Know The Characteristic Of Your Astrological Moon Sign? (Part 3)

Nalini Suri |Jun 14, 2019

There is sun sign (or star sign) and moon sign. Among them, your moon sign reflects the real you, your well-being which stands for your internal characteristic.

While your sun sign decreed the brushstroke of your external self-personality, your moon sign is the one to reveal the real internal you. The moon beams into each sign within around only 2 days, so it becomes a much more variable value of your sign.

At the same sun sign, your moon sign will reflect how different you are to the others of the star sign. It deeply reveals the ocean of feelings, emotions, longings, fears, anxieties, and obsessions.

Moon Sign 2

Moon of Sagittarius

In the emotional aspect, you are not complicated as you react spontaneously to things and you live for the present. There is no filter in your mouth, you just say what you think. Your mind calls out freedom and space to keep your move on, excited and adventurous as always.

In relationships, you dislike being petted, smothered, or analyzed. You are free in life and also in love. Your partner needs to be funny and well-prepared for exploring the world together with you but always full of warmth and passion. Frankly, you prefer the physical side to the emotional side in a relationship.

moon sign Sagittarius zodiac

Moon of Capricorn

In the emotional aspect, you have a rather ability to keep everything under control and buttoned up. However, you naturally stay reserve and cautious which creating a distance from you to the others. Meanwhile, this sometimes makes the cajolers more ardent. At the same time, your smile is like a hard-to-win token for them.

In relationships, it is necessary for you to have a responsible, hard-working and ambitious partner. Love is no joke for you, rather than that, you look for an actual half of life. To materialize this, you look for the rich who can build a coveted and luxurious empire with you.

moon sign Capricorn zodiac

Moon of Aquarius

Perhaps most people would describe that you are ‘quirky’ after knowing you. You don’t care so much because it partly means that you are unique and above all, you award individuality. In fact, you are friendly with a large network but not many people can reach. You love people, however, you sort of the list and spend your arms for others. Your emotions can be described as for ‘your eyes only’.

In a relationship, you are a conundrum. Your partner might feel hard to know and understand the real you.

moon sign Aquarius zodiac

Moon of Pisces

In the emotional aspect, you are an open book of various emotions with gentleness, sympathy, creativeness, and sensitiveness. Your feelings easily flow and also can step into the melody of others’ feelings. Sometimes, you can stay away from real painful life to be home, cozy, and hibernate till all pains go away.

In relationships, such an emotional person, you express full of love, care, and kindness. Sometimes, you tend to sacrifice for love and put your partner’s desire in priority. But advice is that you have to learn to believe in yourself more.

moon sign Pisces zodiac

How your life will go on base apart on your emotion. Keep positive things and change the negative sides of feelings to turn your life in a better way.


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