Moon Sign: Do You Know The Characteristic Of Your Astrological Moon Sign? (Part 2)

Nalini Suri |Jun 13, 2019

There is sun sign (or star sign) and moon sign. Among them, your moon sign reflects the real you, your well-being which stands for your internal characteristic.

While your sun sign decreed the brushstroke of your external self-personality, your moon sign is the one to reveal the real internal you. The moon beams into each sign within around only 2 days, so it becomes a much more variable value of your sign.

At the same sun sign, your moon sign will reflect how different you are to the others of the star sign. It deeply reveals the ocean of feelings, emotions, longings, fears, anxieties, and obsessions.

Moon Sign

Moon of Leo

In the emotional aspect, Leos are very ablaze and passionate. Your feelings may easily rise up and down and everything is burst into drama with high-octane excitement. You live with all enthusiasm, warmness and contain a chivalrousness to protect the weak, the bullied and the underdog. You are the type of person everybody wishes to be their elder sibling.

In relationships, you keep equally passionate and dramatic feelings as in emotions. You require your partner to adore you like a god and harvest their major attention and energy in your way. And, you pay back by a fiery love so it is likely to be a fair deal.

moon sign leo

Moon of Virgo

In the emotional aspect, Virgos were born with a powerful inner voice; however, it tends to criticize and judge both yourself and other people, even your boss. Sometimes it turns you to a perfectionist, but it also covers you with a control freak. Besides, you own a deep-seated demand of serving, protecting and organizing others.

In relationships, somebody who can brighten your mood, roll you with a laugh and opt to cast off your anxieties and insecurities can come to be your partner. Without stress, you will raise your fun.

moon sign virgo zodiac

Moon of Libra

In the emotional aspect, to be honest, you seem to be cold or apart from others when intellectualizing and rationalizing your own feelings. You prefer dealing with facts to opinions and impressions. Libra stands for justice and in the moon sign, you want everything to be fair and emotion is unlikely to direct it too often.

In relationships, your deep romance and aestheticism can disillusion your feeling from the relationship realities. Your depth in love can take you a while to land to earth with comfort in the romance realities.

moon sign libra zodiac

Moon of Scorpio

In the emotional aspect, you are strong, intuitive and shrewd, underneath what you project whether it’s social poise or grace. You hold a naturally penetrating insight in the things making people tick. Your inner self-belief and intensity scare others but actually, you like it.

In relationships, above all, you love to control and turn to be scary-jealous. Interestingly, sex is the way you express your love and engagement the best. Thus, unless that side of the relationship is cooking, you will turn around and looking for someone else.

moon sign scorpio zodiac

To be continued…


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