Misconceptions Around Coronavirus On The Internet – Get Awaked!

Ankita Chetana |Feb 07, 2020

Coronavirus has been doing the rounds on social media and puzzle most of the people over the world. Making use of this chance, many wrong concepts of the 2019-nCoV have reached netizens. Read the details to know more!

Emerging from the late December 2019, coronavirus now has been spreading widely in China as well as several countries over the world. India has got 3 positive cases infected with the 2019-nCoV and luckily, none of them were found dead. In the outbreak of the dangerous virus, many unknown people have delivered the misconceptions around.

The outbreak of coronavirus has already passed the 2003 epidemic – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Before the medical experts and scientists can discover a vaccine to be against this virus, we have received some other protective measures to deal with it.

However, some coronavirus misconceptions are creating the buzz on the Internet for some while now. Several of them relate to food and numerous people get confused about things not to eat. So, as a corrected direction for the outbreak of this dangerous virus, here are some food concepts raising people to be puzzled.

Eating seafood is the best method?

Don't misunderstand that seafood cannot be consumed amidst coronavirus outbreak

Originated from a seafood market of Wuhan, China, coronavirus has made people confused when eating seafood. It should be clear that Indian seafood has no matters to be consumed and there hasn’t been any relationship between coronavirus and marine animals.

Does Bat meat spread 219-nCoV?

No proof of bat meat spreading 2019-nCoV

It was a Chinese vlogger to upload a video of having bat soup. It rose to many acclaims that this kind of meat can spread coronavirus, which scientists believe that it’s possible. Up to now, no myths were established yet so don’t get quirky to think wrongly of bat meat.

Garlic cloves help to fight against 2019-nCoV

Garlic can't combat coronavirus

There is no evidence showing this result so don’t count on garlic too much. Ingredients of garlic just help to increase our immune system and the antimicrobial properties in this food are exceptional to combat even cancer.

Meat can cause 2019-nCoV

Process meat is safe to eat

It’s not true at all. Indian non-vegetarians don’t need to worry about spreading the virus from animals to people. If the meat gets cooked well, it will be safe for us to enjoy.

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