Michele Manteaw's Skin Is Becoming A Hot Issue On Reddit For Her Perfect Skin

DungCNT |Jan 21, 2019

No, that's not Photoshop—it's a really kickass skincare routine.

Some people have a dream of becoming a billionaire after a night. Some desire for becoming a Hollywood star, having a true love or a wonderful vacation. But how about me? I just dream of a healthy and perfectly smooth skin when waking up on a beautiful day. Of course, I am not the only one having that ridiculous dream because there is one woman's skin is turning to be a hot issue on Reddit because of her flawless skin.

This week, one lady Michele Manteaw, who updated her two selfies on Reddit’s r/MakeupAddiction, caught everyone's attention. The post titled “Glowy Winter Makeup on Dark Skin” actually is a how-to makeup, but Reddit users got hooked to her smooth skin. Her pictures quickly gained attraction and received 330 comments.


“OP has the softest looking skin ever,” or “You look super pretty and glowy.” Those are comments from users with admiration for her skin. It's quite sure that haters will think this is just a product of Photoshop technology. But watching her beauty make-up videos uploaded on her Youtube channel, we are sure that this is her real skin.

Therefore, I had no hesitation but to ask Manteaw my question that maybe everyone is wondering: How the hell do I get your skin?! Thankfully, she told me her daily routine as below.

Her regimen for preventing acne

The beauty refuses to say that she has fantastic skin. However, Manteaw revealed she also suffered from teenage acne like the rest of us, which left her with terrible anxiety. Sharing with Cosmopolitan, she said “As a black woman, my pubescent acne left me with terrible hyperpigmentation that followed me into my adult years,” And she turned out to be more confident after using the two products helping her in improving dark marks.

The Body Shop's Vitamin C Microdermabrasion is a product that she has reliably used for protecting her skin. Besides, African Black Soap from her motherland also gave her wonderful experiences in fading scars and making her skin clean.

Although acne contains hormonal components, Manteaw, as well as those who commented on her photos, believed that cutting dairy consumption will have an incredible effect on keeping your skin clear and reducing acne.

Her tips for getting that insane glow

According to a comment on her post, one of the reasons that Manteaw can get great skin is due to her good genes. However, she still has to take care of her skin daily with a specific routine for flawless skin, including a cleansing brush, serum, toner and sun cream.

1. Foreo Luna 2 for sensitive skin

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Cleansing brushes are usually harsh for your skin, especially for sensitive skin. But with Foreo Luna 2 made of silicone, this product will be a good choice for your face. It also operates with vibration technology which provides you with clean skin after washing your face with cleanser.

2. Pixi Glow Tonic Toner

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Pixi Glow Tonic Toner will leave your face smooth and balance the hydrate elements in your skin after each use.  It's a chemical exfoliant that's worth trying once.

3. Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar

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It is a solid moisturizer easily absorbed by the skin. It creates a soothing treatment for the delicate skin on your face, helping you to maintain its elasticity, moisture and glow. This product also avoids your t-zone producing too much oil.

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Sunscreen

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Sunscreen really plays an important part in keeping the hyperpigmentation and protecting skin from UV radiation damages. "This one is not only super lightweight, but it doesn't leave behind that purple hue—black-girl friendly!—and sits well under makeup," said Manteaw.

Obviously, her beauty skills and makeup routine only make her skin glow. But anyone who has tried to apply some concealer over bruises can gain a smooth skin as well.

Maybe her skin routine is not able to work with you. But you can recreate with her glow-up routine as the video below. Hope you have perfect skin as you wish!


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