Men Are From Mars: Men’s Disadvantages In Love That Women Haven’t Heard Of

Kimmy Karima |Oct 31, 2019

Many believe that only women have difficulties in love. Conversely, men are some cold, heartless creatures having everything quickly? In reality, men have quite a few drawbacks in love, too, but most women don’t understand.

To make it simpler for both men and women, here we’ll tell you the difficulties that a lot of men have to face in love and dating. If you’re a woman, have some sympathy; if you’re a man, nod in agreement. Meanwhile, the rest will assure that the connection with your date or spouse will be strengthened when you have this new understanding, whether you’re from Venus or Mars.


Rejection is hard to face.

Men are more likely to be rejected than women, just because they’re men. When you genuinely think about it, it’s quite understandable: because men are supposed to take the initiative. If a man has a crush on a woman, indeed, he should be proactive to show her and ask her out. Otherwise, what a sissy, and he deserves loneliness for life!

At present, if a woman likes some man, she may merely send her signals, and then it’s the man’s turn to the response. Even if he wants to reject, he must do so very gently, like it’s his problem not to be able to become her boyfriend. Oh my, it’s not easy to be a man indeed!


Attention is hard to get.

It’s tough for a man to get attention from the opposite gender. Maybe that’s because the general expectations of men are quite high. Yes, it may not be so difficult for a man to hook up with someone, but we’re not talking about momentary flings here.

If a man wants to attract serious attention, so he can find a suitable date, perhaps he should own various excellent traits: good look, good manners, stable financial situation, good sense of style, a good understanding of women and so on. Yikes, what a strict definition of a good man!

Social bias

Social bias is hard to overcome.

While women have some specific kinds of social bias on their shoulders, men are under a lot of pressure too. Most people expect men always to be “more” than women. Stronger, physically maybe, and then, braver, calmer, better at making money, among other things. Last but not least, men should be good at winning women’s hearts, while the contrary is not necessary.

If a man cannot have his dream woman, then shame on him, he’s such a failure! Therefore, shy men, who don’t have many dating and flirting skills, will become even shyer and less confident since they’re not good enough, according to, well, everybody.


Experience is hard to gain.

Since the whole society believes that men should be good at almost everything, he is also expected not to rely on anyone, especially in dating. No one cares about how a man can gain dating experiences in the first place, but it’s not acceptable anyway that he has to ask someone to teach him some dating “techniques” or skills (while women can feel free to ask any friends).

Therefore, a man doesn’t know where to turn to for love advice. Of course, there’s Google. Yet, if he does some online research, he’d better not let anyone see it. Else he’ll risk being called a hillbilly at best or an idiot at worst. Now that’s the price of being a man.


Since being small, every man is taught how to treat girls and women. He has to love, care, respect, even pamper and prioritize. Then he grows up in confusion because he doesn’t genuinely know how to do all he’s expected to do towards women. To make it even more complicated, women often send mixed signals, not to mention the conflicting suggestions from other people, TV shows, books, and the Internet. How can a man navigate in that vast ocean of directions?

Finally, he may sigh and wonder if there’s a woman who can tell him exactly what she wants. Hardly, because more often than not, even a woman doesn’t know what she wants either. And, isn’t that a man’s job to find out for what the woman of his dream wishes? Sigh told you it’s hard to be a man!


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