Marriage Life 101: 5 Challenges You Should Be Ready To Face After Tying The Knot

Kimmy Karima |Oct 07, 2019

Marriage life is what most grown-ups look for and will experience. Sure, it will bring you a lot of joy, but there are a lot of difficulties too.

Marriage brings you someone you love, who will share with you almost everything. Happiness will be doubled and sadness will be divided. Life is good. Well, hopefully.

The thing is, nothing is ever perfect. Sharing everything means sharing the roof too. But life with another person isn’t always smooth. There will certainly be some changes you may not have thought of before.

Therefore it’s time to have some alteration and adaptation, so you can not only live well but also enjoy this shared life. To make it easier for you, below are some challenges you should be prepared yourself to face in your marriage life:

Your in-laws

Living with in-laws has all its pros and cons.

If you lived alone before marriage, you had almost no worries about the daily relationship with other family members. But if you lived with your parents, you must have known that fights happened even between you and those closest to you, right? So now when you live with your in-laws, inevitably there are at least some conflicts in certain aspects.

The prejudices from both you and your in-laws may also contribute to the lack of connection. Of course, if you’re lucky, you’ll have wonderful in-laws whom you’ll love as much as you do your own parents. Anyway, whether they are compatible with you or not, they’ll bring some big changes you’ll have to face for sure.

Your increasing obligations

The new chores and responsibilities seem to never end.

If you think you’ll have a lot more free time once you live with your spouse, think again. Your daily chores, responsibilities, and obligations seem to be continuously on the rise. Besides typical errands, you’ll find yourself having a lot more things to do, like caring for your spouse and your in-laws, maybe even your spouse’s relatives too.

You’ll also have the responsibility to create and maintain a cozy family atmosphere, a balanced lifestyle and things like that. Let’s hope that you’ll love that new life so much that you find joy in everything you (must) do daily.

Financial matter

Money can give you a big headache.

If you have never learned about budgeting, you should before marriage. Because as much as you and your spouse love each other, you can’t just depend on love for a living. Suddenly you’ll see a lot of things that you have to spend money on, from monthly bills to daily expenses, some of which you didn’t even think of before. And money suddenly seems to be so scarce too.

No doubt why money is one of the most common reasons for divorce. So, learn your budgeting lessons as soon as possible. It’s really that important!

Your regrets

Everyone may question their marriage decision sometimes.

This is weird! Now, living with your partner, who cares for you and whom you care for, is what you waited for, isn’t it? True, but when living under one roof, many of your flaws are exposed, and many of your partner's are too. Both of you may find each other annoying sometimes.

That’s why sometimes everyone in a marriage has some regrets and questions themselves if getting married was the right decision in the first place. Anyway, if your love is deep enough and your trust is strong enough, you’ll overcome that feeling quickly and go on with your couple's life.

Your privacy

Try to squeeze a little time for yourself in your life together.

Being together is nice. At least, most of the time. But truth be told, everyone needs some personal time and space, which are hard to find after marriage, especially if you live with your in-laws. Now it seems you can’t do something for and on your own without thinking of or discussing with a spouse first. You may not even have your own things that everyone else is supposed not to touch anymore.

No matter how happy you are now generally, you’ll surely miss your solo life and crave for some privacy at some point. Of course, you’ll get used to this gradually, though it’s not easy at all. That’s why we wish you all the flexibility and adaptability in this world. For now and always.


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