5 Must-have Intimate Conversations For A Healthy And Long-lasting Relationship

Priyansh Ha |May 17, 2019

It always feels better when you start having sex conversations with your life partner.

The more comfortable couples feel when discussing tricky sexual topics, the happier they are in their relationship. According to social scientist and co-author of Crucial Conversations Joseph Grenny, the most crucial part of building a long-lasting relationship is not hesitating to share your story with each other. Therefore, sex conversation is one of the most essential elements that is highly recommended for couples before settling between the sheets.

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1. Define Your Limits

Trying new things without saying a word sounds absolutely possible. However, this can also result in a huge mistake if you and your partner are not on the same moods. To avoid awkward situations during sex; being honest about each other’s boundaries is essential. If you don’t know how to open up on your feelings, you can experiment with these following things. Firstly, choose a play that is suitable for you and your partner. After that, voice over about things that make you feel uncomfortable, things you don't like when having sex.

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2. When Feeling Stuck In A Rut

Throughout a relationship, overlapping the same sex patterns is a very common situation, especially with couples who are ambiguous about their own sex fancy. If you can’t find your excitement in sex anymore, there are two options for you: Ask for advice from sex therapists, have a mediator or read books together. These activities may put a significant impact on making it easier to open up on your deep down desires, difficult-to-tell thoughts.

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3. When Experiencing Sexual Dysfunction

Most of us don’t want to bring up such touchy topic between the sheets. The impairment in the function of launching is something we usually try to avoid talking about. If you want to solve this awkward issue, you can ask him for a pleasure, which can help leave out pressure from his problem. In case you are the one to suffer from dysfunction, you can try to fix it by giving hints or instructions so that he can follow.

When sex is done, and you realize that dysfunction is not something you can solve once and for all, don’t hide it away. Being comfortable to face the problem is the only way you and your partner can improve the situation. Remember always to be supportive so both of you will feel better about the bond.

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4. Whether One Or Both Of You Need To Get Tested

The number of sex partner that you guys have had previously doesn’t matter. What is important here is getting tested for the sake of both of your health since HPV and different kinds of bugs can easily spread just like common cold and flu. If it is your first time together and you want to make sure none of you have any kind of sexual diseases, make it simple by saying the truth. This is a serious topic but you can just bring it up by saying “I do it for birth control” or “I want the sex to be safe.” Eventually, it’s your body, and you should take care of it properly by protecting it from possible harm.

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5. When You're Just Not In The Mood

As every coin has its two sides, sex is amazing but it can make you worn out. It’s understandable if there’s a time you don’t even want to invest your time in the action. This is absolutely normal as long as you keep it clear for your partner to understand. In case your partner is so excited, and everything you can do is compliance sex, this can snowball to a bigger problem. The consequences will not only relate to physical aspects but also involved in emotional issues between the two of you.


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