February Special Days For Lovers: The Month Of Romance

Salena Harshini |Feb 05, 2020

The loving occasion for couples not only stays on February 14 but also with more days in the month of February. Check out what they actually are and their meanings here.

Not just Valentine's Day, there are even more February special days for lovers and they are called Valentine Week. The days to come include Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine Day. Check out what those days mean and what activity should take place to live up to their meanings.

Also, in further section, you can also find other special days for couples all year round, brought to you by Starbiz.com!

1. February Special Days For Lovers in Valentine Week

Why not just one day? Because Valentine's week will provide you with an oodles of chances to honor your romance with the other half. Definitely lovebirds’ favorite time!

These special days for lovers begin from February 7 and ends on February 14.  And although Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday, it’s celebrated around the world with a myriad of excitement, joy and of course with hearts, flowers, chocolates, cards, and cupids everywhere.

  • February 7: Rose Day

The romantic week starts on the 7th. On Rose Day, like what is indicated by its name, people give roses as gifts and as their love symbol to their significant other.

Red roses are given with its meaning traditionally related to romance. Meanwhile, yellow roses are dedicated to family and friends.

Rose Day marks the start of Valentine Week.
  • February 8: Propose Day

Valentine Week’s second day is when one has an opportunity to show their feelings or propose to their crush. This day is the best time for you to bare out what has been kept in your heart for all this while.

  • February 9: Chocolate Day

This is one of the most favorite February special days for lovers and totally a perfect one for people with a sweet tooth.

Chocolate day is when people give this cocoa sweet treats to their dearie. Candies and chocolates are age-old yet forever precious gifts on anniversaries, weddings, first dates, and more.

Chocolate Day is an amazing day for sweet-lovers and sweet lovers, literally.
  • February 10: Teddy Day

People love Teddy Bears, especially girls. Boys make points with gifting their lovers a fluffy, adorable Teddy Bear. The gift will surely make one’s partner smile so brightly.

  • February 11: Promise Day

This is the day for you to show the trust that you have in your significant someone. Relationship faith is built by promises and on February 11th, lovers promise togetherness, endless affection and loyalty to one another.

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  • February 12: Hug Day

A hug works better compared to any medicine or a thousand loving words.

Hug Day is one of the most loved February days for couples.

For February 12th, the lovey-dovey couples hold each other in their embrace to show their love. They also cling to their friends, parents, and siblings.

  • February 13: Kiss Day

People who are in love say that the second best thing a person can do with lips is smiling and the topper is a kiss.

A kiss says more than anything.

Some smackeroo of a couple defines big time of their affection, love and respect they pay towards each other.

  • February 14: Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air on the big day. On February 14, they may gay out on dates or stay at their warm home for some quality time. A lot of lovebirds also talk about or plan their marriage on the eve of Valentine.

Valentine's Day ends the loving holiday week with romance

From today, Valentine’s Day is only ten days away. However, the run-up is getting more and more exciting and full of enthusiasm. The couples make it a point to live these days to the fullest from what their romances can blossom even more.

2. Special Days For Lovers All Year Round

It is not only in February that you can express your love and affection to your loved one. There are also many special days for lovers all year round and we will list some of the most interesting ones down here.

  • June 12: Loving Day

The start of this annual Loving Day begins from the tale of an interracial couple whose names are Richard and Mildred Loving. They were heavily criticized and even arrested after the wedding just because of their race. However, they fought back against the forbidding law and eventually won and had the right to get married.

Loving Day is a beautiful and meaningful day in the US with its inspiring back story.

June 12 is a great chance to acknowledge the very fact that love doesn’t discriminate and race is not a matter for the people who are in love. What important in a relationship is that the couple is compatible and happy.

On this day, you can together attend a festival, host a barbecue or watch a movie inspired by the holiday.

  • July 6: International Kissing Day

People love kissing. Should it be an ultimate kiss scene between two love interests in a film or the first kiss of your life that you are remembering, kissing surely stirs many emotions.

Regardless of what kind of kiss that you prefer, July 6 aka International Kissing Day is the flawless time in the year to honor this simple yet so powerful gesture. From hello to goodbye kisses, from kissing on the cheek to French kissing, it is an age-old act with the significance that goes far beyond only romance.

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  • September 18: First Love Day

Oh, young romance! It is the spring of a lifetime when one’s fullest fantasies initially turn into love thoughts. Most people do remember their first love and even if it was an unrequited love, it carries the memory with a kind of sweet melancholy.

Your first love, do you remember it?

September 18 is the national first love day in America and it is the time to honor the boundless energy and youthful vigor that prepared us for more in the early romances.

  • September 20: Wife Appreciation Day

They keep their family-centered and grounded. They inspire every one of us to improve ourselves and work hard. Wives are a lot of things to a lot of people: their husbands, as a certainty — and also their children and in-laws.

This holiday is when one can show their wife how much they mean to them.

Of course, Wife Appreciation Day is especially essential for the wives who may have felt left unbid on Mother’s Day.

  • October 3: Boyfriend Day

Boyfriend Day is on October 3rd. It is when you take the occasion to let your BF know how you love and treasure him. Boyfriend Day is celebrated in the U.S. and 2019 is the year that they officially became a big thing. The day reminds anyone with a boyfriend to have special notice of their special someone and cherish how your life is better with them.

Meanwhile, Girlfriends Day is honored annually on August 1.

In conclusion, make sure to enjoy these February special days for lovers (as well as every other day) with your ladylove and beau.

From Starbiz.com, we wish you an absolutely sweet, loving and happy Valentine Week!

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