Love Guru: 10 Ways To Steal His Heart Without Saying "I Love You"

Bindhiya Nhi |Oct 11, 2019

Men believe that actions always speak louder than words. If you want to express what's in your heart without saying 'I Love You,' try our ten simple ways.

The most obvious way to show someone you love them is saying, "I love you." It is transparent, honest, and valuable, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

However, these three magic words will become stale after a while. Your boyfriend has heard it too often that it barely works anymore.

There are plenty of ways to proves your love as actions always speak louder than words. Scroll down for a ton of creative ideas that you can use to tell your man that you love him without saying, "I love you."

Focus On Him While Spending Time Together

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While spending quality time together, make the most of those hours by giving your partner undivided attention. If your man sees that you are busy checking your social media accounts, he instantly feels that he is not significant to you. Prove that he is your priority by listening carefully to his words and making eye contact.

Flaunt Your Beauty In The Dress He Loves

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Even if you have been in a relationship for a while, dressing well will always have a positive impact. Brush up your appearance and wear a dress that he likes. If you flaunt your sexy beauty in a red dress, it does not only make your man fall for you over and over again, but it also boosts your self-confidence.

Cook His Favorite Dish

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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It is easy to go out to a restaurant together, but cooking is still an admirable quality. Your boyfriend will feel special if you wear your apron and make him his favorite meal. You do not need to be a great cook, but the fact that you entirely make an effort to prepare for him matters.

Pay Attention To Self-care 

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One of the best ways to spice up your relationship is by showing your most gorgeous side to your man. You might take care of him so well that you are likely to forget your daily self-care activities. Follow a fitness regime, maintain basic hygiene, smell nice, and eat clean. It keeps your man attentive and attracted to you.

Give Him Some Time To Himself

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Even the craziest in love, couples need space. Do not be clingy to him 24/7 as your husband might secretly crave some personal time. Give him some alone time so that he can explore his interests, hang out with his friends, visit his family members, or merely have a good sleep. He will surely appreciate what you have done for him.

Boost His Confidence With Your Compliments

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Believe it or not, men also feel insecure about some aspects of their physical appearance. He does not tell you this, but your compliments merely boost his confidence level. Whether it is his arms, eyes, or even his strength, shower him with your sweet words. Guys are not picky as they love to hear your nice compliments every single day.

Seek For His Opinion When You Are In Trouble

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You might not want to annoy him with your problems, but your man needs a chance to prove that he is essential in your life. When you are in trouble, remember to ask for his advice. Seeking for someone's opinion is not about solving the problem. It means that you value his words and want him to be a part of whatever you are doing.

Show Your Appreciation For The Little Things

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When he helps you with the chores, gets you medicine when you have a headache, or buys you flowers when he is back from work, you should appreciate all his efforts. He wants to make your day pleasant, so notice all these little acts and express your gratitude. You will also subconsciously encourage him to do it more often because he feels appreciated for doing it.

Hug Him Every Morning

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Physical contact is a very intimate way to show love. Hugging can help strengthen the bond and make both partners feel good. Every morning, give him a big hug for at least 7 seconds as it can make you feel emotionally connected. You do not need to say anything because your embrace speaks for itself.

Be A Good Listener For Him

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When your man wants to share his thoughts and feelings about his life with you, make sure you are open to listening lovingly and attentively.

Do not interrupt what he says; try to encourage his disclosures instead. At times, his words might sound small and silly, but it is significant to him. If you want to be a good listener for him, it shows that you care enough to pay attention to his point of view.


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