Losing Weight And Stay Healthy Are Easier Than Ever With These 5 Types Of Cheese

Priyansh Ha |Mar 12, 2019

We’re always afraid of overeating cheese as it's said to be unhealthy and gain weight. Good news for you, it turns out to be good for your health if you eat in the right way.

Raise your hands if you’re a cheese lover? From pasta to pizza and burger, cheese is everywhere around us. Imagine how we can live a life without cheese! 

However, we’re always afraid of overeating cheese as it is said to cause heart diseases and gain weight. Good news for you, it turns out to be good for your health if we consume it at the allowable level at a time.

Cheese Food To Lose Weight

As a processed dairy product, cheese is a rich natural source of fat, calcium, and protein. In addition to that, it also provides vitamin -12, A and K-2, omega-3 fatty acids along with phosphorus, zinc, and riboflavin.

At a certain amount, cheese is an excellent supplement for your health. However, not every type of cheese is all good. Scroll down to see the list of 5 most healthy types of cheese which you can enjoy without gaining more weight.


Feta Cheese

The main ingredient of this type of cheese is goat milk instead of cow milk. It’s not only healthy but can strengthen your immune system.

Cottage Cheese or Paneer

Cottage Cheese 1 Grande

It is a precious source of calcium, casein, and protein which is ideal for muscle recovery.

Parmesan Cheese

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With a low amount of calories, Parmesan cheese is suitable for people who want to lose weight. However, you should be cautious of the high amount of sodium.

Ricotta Cheese

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This sheep milk cheese contains a lot of nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin A and phosphorus.

Low Fat Cheddar Cheese

Low Fat Cheddar

For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, Cheddar cheese is the best option as it barely contains lactose. This type of cheese is also a great source of calcium and protein.

Having cheese on your diet on an average amount doesn't do a matter at all except when it causes allergy. However, eating cheese with fast foods like chips, bread, pizza or tortillas is counterproductive. In addition to that, always stick with organic milk only to avoid sedentary diseases caused by antibiotic milk.


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