How To Reduce Face Fat: 5 Best Ways To Have A More Defined Look

Salena Harshini |Jun 21, 2020

Take a look at the best suggestions and step routine Starbiz has collected to help you turn your chubby bunny cheeks into a more defined face.

How to reduce face fat is among the most searched questions for both men and women when it comes to losing weight. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to this, you are definitely not alone.

From losing weight overall to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, here are the best suggestions you should take on to have your face much slimmer. The procedure involves both changes in your diet as well as a regular practice of facial exercises.

You don't need injection or surgeries to get a more defined look, with these below tips!

Stay hydrated

As always, this is the method recommended by every health and beauty coach. Assure that you are always hydrated and consuming enough water. Water is an essential factor in helping you lose weight and keeping an eye on your water intake not only contributes to pound shifting but also helps you glow.

A duo of mother-daughter in China who was admired for their age-defying look has revealed that their secrets for a baby skin texture are just keeping it clean and drinking enough water!

Keep fit from the inside

One of the best ways of how to reduce face fat is an appropriate diet. Once you can lose your whole body’s weight, your face will also be slimmer.

The skin condition cannot be bettered only with creams and such. Instead, you need to eat the foods that would enhance your complexion. The body repairs from the inside out and only a mineral and nutrient-rich diet can decrease swelling, excess water, and blemishes. And all of these are what gives a sense of a bigger face.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 1
Increase healthy fats is a great way on how to reduce face fat

Eat more green vegetables as well as healthy fats like almonds, walnuts, and avocado.

Do weights at the gym

How to reduce face fat? It is not something you can do without having a change in the remaining of your body. One of the greatest ways to burn fat is cardio exercise.

However, after the session is over, the fat burning also ends. So to keep the fat burning process running after exercising, you should do some weights.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 2
If you frequently hit the gym, don't hesitate to do some weights

You can naturally get rid of face fat by increasing metabolic rate, making your body tick over at a higher rate.

Bid adieu to alcohol

Alcohol drinks are an option that needs to be crossed out from your regime.

However, if you do not want to totally cut it out, reduce on those whiskey sour or red wine glasses and you will see the results coming in. Alcohol will make your face and cheeks swollen and puffy.

Try facial exercises to reduce face fat

A facial workout is absolutely an ideal way to reduce the fat on your face. People usually leave the face out when the work out, but just like other parts of the body, cheeks also need exercises to be able to stay in shape.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 3
The exercise below will be a great help to reduce face fat

Yes, genetics have a massive role in deciding whether we have sharp cheekbones like those of Angelina Jolie. But facial exercises can go a long way.

1. Duck Face

Start the workout with your cheeks’ central muscles. Have your lips puckered up. Then, open and close your mouth.

Assure that your lips are pushed outward and your face is tensed to get the muscles working.

Repeat: 15 times

2. Fish Face

This funny face is what everyone could do. Suck your cheeks in and also pucker your lips. Next step, tilt the head back and imagine you are reaching the ceiling with the chin for a great stretch in your chin and neck.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 4
Do a fish face and lift your head up

Repeat: 15 times, each time hold it for 10 seconds

3. Half Cringe

Like what is shown in its name, this exercise needs you to think of something cringeworthy. Tense your neck’s muscles while pushing back a corner of the mouth.

You are doing this right when you are able to spot the lines on your neck in the mirror.

Repeat: 15 times

4. Cheekbone Sculptor

High cheekbones will help a chubby face have more definition. Open the mouth into an oval grin with the lips over your teeth, Then, place your fingers on the cheekbones and push them upward to form a facial lift.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 5
Push your chins upward

Duration: 30 seconds

5. Chin Ups

Now, your chins can also take up push-ups. Push the lower lip upward on your upper lip, then lift the chin as high as possible each time.

Repeat: 15 times

6. Closed Eyes

Believe it or not, one of the techniques on how to reduce face fat is just to close your eyes.

How to do it? Close the eyes as tight as you can and scrunch your face up to feel that tension on your face.

how-to-reduce-face-fat 6
You probably have not known that closed eyes is also one of the ways on how to reduce face fat

Repeat: 15 times, each time it for 3 seconds

7. Jaw Dropper

This workout is a great cheek far burner. Push the tongue against the back of your lower front teeth and lower the jaw as far down as possible.

Repeat: 15 times

8. Side Kisses

Do it like you are greeting your European friends. Pucker your lips up while also move them from right to left or vice versa. Just make sure you can go from here to there as far as possible.

Repeat: 15 times

how-to-reduce-face-fat 7
Slim your face with side kisses

These exercises will totally work out for anyone who wants to slim their cheeks, face, or neck fat. Follow the instructions precisely and you will be able to see a great change over time.

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