If You Do These, Dating Apps May Not Be For You (At Least For Now)

Kimmy Karima |Sep 09, 2019

Dating apps may be the highlight of the online society. They help people widen their social circles, get less shy and more open, and find their matches. But despite their greatness, dating apps may not be for everyone anyway.

If you pay some attention, you’ll see that among the happy ending stories, there are still a lot of disappointing or terrible, or even terrifying ones related to dating apps. What do you think? Do dating apps make you excited or tired? Delighted or annoyed? See the list below, if you do those 3 things, it may be time for you to stay away from dating apps, at least for now.

Making too fast, too furious judgements

Judge too fast and you’ll end up all alone.

It’s neither easy nor right to judge someone on dating apps just by the little information they offer. If you find yourself making judgements really fast based on just one line (or even one word) in someone’s self-description, or just one photo (or even one tiny detail in a photo), well, you should sign out and perhaps delete the apps.

Because most of those judgements are baseless. Keep on judging like that and you’ll waste a lot of time and never find a date anyway. Even if you find one, you may make all the assumptions when chatting with them. Honestly, if that’s the case, you should even stay out of the dating world for a while.

Avoiding sending messages

If you never send a message, you may as well leave the app.

If you don’t like sending messages, what’s the point of you signing up with the dating apps in the first place? Of course, you may have your (good) reasons, like you’re really shy, or you don’t want to appear too desperate, etc. But how can some messages hurt you or your self-esteem anyway?

The worst situation may be that you’re rejected, right? So what? A rejection, direct or online, should never be a problem. Everyone gets rejected sometimes. In fact, dating apps are there for you to get to know more people, so reach out! You can’t just wait for someone to take the initiative, or you’ll risk waiting forever.

Avoiding offline dates

Not meeting people may mean not taking the chance.

You get involved with the dating apps in order to find a date, don’t you? And to turn someone you know online into a real partner, you must meet them. In case you have so many doubts that you hesitate to meet people in real life, you may as well not use the apps at all.

If you're worried about your safety, you can arrange the meeting at a public place, or ask a friend to go with you, etc. Don’t be a weird person, who doesn’t even understand what dating apps are for.

In short, dating apps are great but they include some risks too, just like anything else out there. So in case you still have too many doubts and worries, it may be best if you just step back, or step out of them, at least for a while. Until you’re ready (again)!


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