Kiara Advani Weight Loss Advice: The Secret Lies In Increasing Metabolic Rate!

Hanima Anand |Nov 02, 2020

As you may know, individual metabolism significantly affects one’s appearance. If you can increase your metabolic rate, you can control your weight easily, and that’s how Kiara did it!

Kiara Advani is an emerging name in Bollywood with a series of blockbusters recently. She will also feature in the upcoming Akshay Kumar-starrer Laxmii this year. However, what makes her a heartthrob in the industry is not only her talent but also her beauty.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss
As many other actresses in Bollywood, Kiara has a stunning transformation before debut.

Before stepping into Bollywood, Kiara Advani didn’t own an hour-glass body as now. That’s why when seeing her perfect figure now, many rush to seek Kiara Advani weight loss tips and diet to maintain such a fit body. Here we go!

Lemon water - the silent weapon in Kiara Advani weight loss

As mentioned earlier, each person has a different rate of metabolism which causes them to gain weight or lose weight easily. If you happen to be born with fast metabolism, your body will burn energy quite quickly and this helps you to stay fit despite the large amount of food you consume.

On the contrary, should your metabolic rate be slower, it’s hard for your body to release all calories you take in before your next meal.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 1
Those who have slow metabolism should check Kiara's tips to lose weight!

Understanding this, Kiara Advani weight loss journey must include lemon water which can help increase metabolism during the day. To do this, the actress often starts her day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. However, if you suffer from stomachache, we recommend you add a bit of honey to the lemon water.

After drinking a glass of warm lemon water, Kiara will have a bowl of oats and fruits as her breakfast.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 2
A glass of lemon water with or without honey is either a good start for the day.

Kiara Advani’s formula for a pre-workout meal

Don’t ever think you just need to train your body as much as you can and you will lose weight. Your body needs some energy before critical physical sessions.

According to Kiara Advani weight loss guidelines, she will have some slices of apple and peanut butter prior to her gym hours.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 3
Before her workout sessions, an apple with peanut butter is her favorite snack.

She also enjoys snacks of nuts and figs during the day between main meals.

For lunch, Kiara prefers simple dal, roti and sabzi. Meanwhile, she eats a lot of vegetables at dinner which often takes place before 7 p.m.

Flexibility and variety in workout routine

Instead of sticking to a fixed workout schedule, Kiara Advani weight loss tips encourage people to adopt different forms of physical training. The Kabir Singh actress also emphasizes that these activities must be part of one’s daily routine to prove effective.

Once you enjoy doing physical activity, you grab the secret!

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 4
Not only doing physical activities daily, she enjoys connecting with nature as well.

To control her ideal weight, Kiara Advani often works at the gym. Her basic routine involves cardio session, lots of squats and functional training. The daily time she spends at the gym is around 1 hour.

Besides, she also practices dancing or boxing to release stress while not hitting the gym. This not only puts weight under control but also helps to form a curvaceous body.

What about Kiara Advani’s skincare secrets?

Of course everyone wants to own her glowing skin other than Kiara Advani's weight loss tips. As many Bollywood actresses, Kiara pays close attention to her skincare routine. She also has her own secret to make her skin glow with simple ingredients.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 5
A photo without filter from Kiara Advani, absolutely stunning!

If Rakul Preet Singh has banana as her Ace or Aditi Rao Hydari relies on cold water, Kiara Advani loves ice.

She used to share that she applies ice on her face sometimes to minimize pores and prevents dark circles around her eyes. She also loves leaving her face natural when possible so her skin can breathe.

Kiara Advani Weight Loss 6
Whenever she goes out, she applies sunscreen to protect her skin.

As regards beauty products, Kiara Advani said moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen are essential to her skincare secrets. A proper night skincare routine is also indispensable.

Besides the abovementioned Kiara Advani weight loss tips, you can refer to our previous posts on beauty tips to have a healthy and glowing complexion!


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