Keep These 10 Facts In Mind When You Fall In Love With Natural Born Leader Leo

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 04, 2019

It might be challenging to get on with a proud Leo on a day-to-day basis, but being in love with them will be worth it in the end.

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos belongs to a group of the most dynamic personalities among other zodiac signs. The fact that you fall in love with a Leo does not surprise anyone as they are natural-born leaders.

Your Leo partner never fails to amaze you as he or she can be attractive, intelligent, and powerful independent. If you manage to win Leo's heart, you will get to live a fascinating experience of your life.

However, they also have their good and bad qualities when it comes to love. Here are ten things you should keep in mind first before dating a Leo.

Dating A Leo 1


Leos want you to shower them with attention. They need to know that you are there for them and that your world revolves around them. You can joke with them, hug them or give them compliments - anything will do, but make sure that your partner is not being ignored.


Leos are born to be leaders, even when it comes to relationships. You should not try to limit their potential because they are known to be very independent. When Leos cannot control things around them, the game is over. Let them lead you rather than tell them what to do.

Dating A Leo 2


Because Leos love attention, they are indeed formidable. These people are often found seeking the spotlight, social opportunities, and leadership roles. They need a supportive partner, who can understand and fully encourage them to shine brightest in a crowd.


Leos are the kings and queens of drama in the zodiac. If you cannot give them what they want, they can turn out quite dramatic. Be careful; your partner has that ability to turn even the most minor conflict into a full-blown saga.

Dating A Leo 5


Leos are never afraid of public displays of affection. It is how they communicate love to other people, and it is also how they feel loved. If you want to steal their hearts, express your love for them through PDA.


Leos might be guarded at first, but once they are fully committed, it will be undeniably intense. They will never give up winning your heart, keeping you on toes with their unexpected physical and emotional aspects of love. It sounds challenging, but Leos never let you down.

Dating A Leo 3


Leos are bossy, so you should let them shine when it comes to dates. They are more than willing to plan a romantic time, trying their best so that their partner will be amazed at everything. People born under this sign love that sweet taste of victory when they can satisfy their partner.


Leos always crave for your attention, but they are also natural givers. They are selfless, and your care for them will be repaid tenfold. You will often catch your partner lending a hand to others in need, giving not only money but their time and effort as well.

Their generosity takes the form of empathy, so no matter what the reason is, they will find a way to be there for you.

Dating A Leo 4


When Leos feel attacked, they can get become quite mean with their words. These people are more vulnerable than they appear, easily getting wounded if someone hurts their ego.

However, they flip regularly between sensitive and insensitive, so it might be difficult for you to figure out how they truly feel inside.


You are dating the lion of the zodiac, and just like you might expect, this sign is fiery and passionate when it comes to sex. They are looking for a partner who also has a great passion and eagerness in bed.

For Leos, challenges can make sex feel better. You would probably enjoy the challenge of taming this wild one down.


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