Indian States That Made Wearing Masks Compulsory

Ankita Chetana |Apr 09, 2020

India has reported an ongoing increase in numbers of coronavirus cases across the country, several states made wearing masks compulsory.

Due to the coronavirus spread over the world and rising numbers of infected cases across India, lots of states of the country have determined to make wearing masks compulsory when getting out. This measure aims at preventing community transmission of the virus.

Following the advice from the Union Ministry of Health, people when going out have to cover their mouth and nose with a reusable cover. As of now, the rule of compulsory mask-wearing also makes sense and promotes the curbing of the coronavirus outbreak in India.

See the list of Indian states and Union Territories (UTs) that have made wearing masks compulsory to everyone.

1. Uttar Pradesh

People Wearing Masks In Uttar Pradesh
People in Uttar Pradesh are forced to wear masks when getting outside

When being aware of the pandemic condition, the state forces everyone to wear masks. If people don't follow this rule, they will be taken action and punished. Awanish Awasthi, Uttar Pradesh Additional Chief stated during a press conference:

"Wearing of masks has been made compulsory in the state. There can be legal action also for not wearing masks."

The state has been reported to have 361 cases with 29 new infected people.

2. Delhi

Masks Are Sold Widely On Delhi Streets
In Delhi, masks are even sold widely on the streets

On Wednesday, the Delhi government declared the decision of mandatory mask-wearing for people when stepping out of their homes. After a high-level conference, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Twitter:

"Wearing of facial masks can reduce the spread of coronavirus substantially. Therefore, it has been decided that facial masks will be compulsory for anyone stepping out of their house. Cloth mask shall be eligible too."

Up to now, this state's administration has sealed 20 hotspots of coronavirus in the capital of India. There are 576 people testing positive for coronavirus here.

3. Maharashtra

Also on Wednesday, the state's chief minister Uddhav Thackeray strongly persuaded people to cover their faces with masks when going outdoors. At the same time, he also pleaded former or retired healthcare personnel, nurses, and ward boys as well to be part of the combat with COVID-19.

Maharashtra Make Wearing Masks Compulsory
Maharashtra: Police always follow and warn anyone flouting the order of compulsory mask-wearing

The state has witnessed an ongoing increase in the infected cases, especially in Mumbai. Since then, the government decided to make wearing masks compulsory in public areas. The city civic body even gave warnings of arresting those breaking the rule.

Mumbai has now recorded 72 fresh cases and after 15 days of the nationwide lockdown, Maharashtra has 1,135 cases, a totally growing number compared to 117 cases for the first day of lockdown.

4. Chandigarh

Earlier on Tuesday, the Chandigarh government urged everyone to follow compulsory mask-wearing in public places to fight against the coronavirus wide-spread. Manoj Parida, the Union Territory of Chandigarh Adviser declared:

"We have made it mandatory for people in Chandigarh to wear masks or cloth on their face from Wednesday."

He further added that those violating the order will receive warnings from the police. Nonetheless, he said that there hasn't been any decision on how to punish the violators yet.

Parida noted that Chandigarh will be the initial UT in the campaign of mandatory mask-wearing. There are 18 positive cases recorded in this UT.

5. Odisha

On April 6, the Odisha administration announced to make wearing masks compulsory to everyone when venturing from their homes in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak over India.

Regarding the decision, the Revenue & Disaster Management Department issued an order taking effect from 7 am on April 9 until there would have been additional orders.

Anyone Stepping Outside In Odisha Must Wear Masks
Anyone who gets out of the house for any purpose must wear masks in Odisha

In the order, it is said that COVID-19 does harm to people's health and wearing masks can help to monitor and limit the spread of the pandemic. In detail, it stated:

"The general public is directed to cover their mouth and nose with any mask while stepping out of house for any purpose. A handkerchief or any other piece of cloth at least two layers can also be used for the purpose."

There are 42 cases of coronavirus recorded in the state till date.

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