India Police’s Mission Today: Distributing Food Among Homeless While Punishing Those Violating Lockdown Order

Hanima Anand |Mar 27, 2020

Many photos and videos of Indian police are going viral on the Internet these days, when the entire nation is under the 21-day lockdown order. Check what our police are doing daily!

While all Indian people are staying at home under the 21-day lockdown order, policemen have to work outside to ensure our safety. Let's check their daily activities through these viral photos and videos on social media!

Ludhiana police distribute food for the needy

The photos of police in Ludhiana distributing the food for poor homeless people soon went viral on the Internet after it was published.

Police Distribute Food
This policeman wears mask and gloves when distributing food.

Wearing face masks and hand gloves to ensure the food hygiene, these policemen give food to the needy who can’t earn any money during this lockdown period.

Indian Police Distribute Food
Everyone in the picture all wear mask as recommended by health officials.

However, long-term measures are also needed to help the daily-waged workers or other disadvantaged citizens when hunger may kill their families faster than the coronavirus pandemic.

Indian Police Distribute Food During Lockdown
The homeless is the most vulnerable during this period.
Indian Poor People During Lockdown
More measures are needed to improve their lives.

Diverse punishments are adopted for violators

While police in Ludhiana are busy giving essentials to the needy, other task forces across the nation have to keep eyes on violators who insist going out during the lockdown for no reason.

To warn these stubborn individuals, police have resorted to violent actions. A person even died after being beaten by police while going out.

Indian Police Beat Citizen
If you want to go out, think twice!

Check how police punish these people in different ways that can humiliate their images.

Whatever your reaction to these videos and photos, whether you approve or disapprove of it, Starbiz highly recommends readers to stay safe at home and strictly follow the lockdown order.

Meanwhile, you should check tips how to clean your home to prevent the spread of coronavirus as well as update coronavirus news on our website daily.

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