This Is How True Love Turns Your Life Around, Based On Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Priyansh Ha |Aug 11, 2019

Each zodiac sign will make a profound change in life when it comes to love. Find out how love can turn your world around based on your zodiac sign!

As love has the incredible power to change the world, it can also completely change your life, perceptions, and characteristics unexpectedly. Indeed, each zodiac sign will make a profound change in life when it comes to love.

Find out how true love can turn your world around based on your zodiac sign!


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How true love turns your life around, based on your zodiac sign (Source: Yoga Journal)

Despite being a truly romantic and passionate lover, Leo is still afraid of being hurt in a relationship. Only an out-of-this-world feeling can help you overcome your utmost fear. And when you find ‘the one’ who can give you that spark, you won't hesitate to tell the whole world about it. 

Once the lion’s heart is tamed, you will be fully committed to your partner. There is nothing in this world is as important as the attention you get from them. Even in the most irritating moment, they are still the one you need the most and never get enough. 

As a consequence, you will be less stubborn and stop putting yourself first. You pay more attention to your partner’s happiness and let them take control of your life. 


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As a perfectionist, Virgo will find it hard to fall in love. But once you do, you will also find it astounding. Even you don’t see the urge of correcting their imperfections like you usually do to others. It is the most significant sign of pure love.

With a vulnerable and fragile heart, you always put on a shell to hide away your inner life. But when you fall in love and completely trust someone, you will let down your wall to let them in and open up for them. They also make you feel comfortable, which sooth down all your fears and worries.  


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Source: You Work For Them

Although you do not believe in what so-called ‘unconditional love,’ you will fall into it one day. Once you’re fully into a relationship, you will tend to reveal true feelings and seek a deep emotional connection. Being around them, you feel no need to hide away your thoughts and feelings like you usually do.

Finding the love of your life will also stop you from oscillating between two extremes and become more like yourself than ever. You also learn that being happy and focus on yourself is the first step to make others happy.


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Source: Wallpaper Safari.

As it's hard for you to open up and trust people, you might think it's impossible to be fully committed in a relationship.

However, sooner or later, true love will find you and astoundingly turn you from a cynic to an open book. You started to expose more about your inner life to them, and show them the most profound feelings and emotions you’ve ever had.

Being in a healthy relationship also teaches you valuable lessons about retaliation. Instead of feeling vengeful and spiteful when being hurt, you start learning how to soothe down your anger and let away hatred. You appreciate the value of forgiveness and practice it with not only your loved one but also yourself. 

To be continued ...


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