How Bollywood Actress Lose Weight Fast & Most Remarkable Fat-To-Fit Transformations

Hanima Anand |Jan 11, 2021

Being a Bollywood actress means you have to look ravishing all the time, so maintaining a fit body is of utmost importance. Here are some tips to lose weight fast like Bollywood heroines!

The myth of gaining and losing weight is always a topic of much interest among girls. However, not all are guided properly by experts or personal trainers. That’s why learning how Bollywood actresses lose weight fast is a way to go.

How Bollywood Actress Lose Weight Fast
Check the secret of the most remarkable Bollywood transformations below!

However, to see whether these heroines have effective methods of training their body or not, let’s see pics of Bollywood actresses before and after weight loss first.

1. Bollywood actress before and after weight loss

Take a glimpse over how your favorite heroines looked before they have such flawless figures as today.

Sonakshi Sinha

The gorgeous actress launched her career in a chubby innocent look. Not many people know that in the past, Sonakshi Sinha weighed up to 90 kg. To get her smoking hot body as of now, this Bollywood beauty has shed nearly 30 kg in total.

Sonakshi Sinha Before And After Weight Loss
Before weight loss, Sonakshi Sinha often wore baggy clothes that could hide her belly.

Alia Bhatt

With her present slim figure, no one could ever imagine Alia Bhatt was asked to lose 20 kg for the role in her debut movie Student of the Year. And Karan Johar, who required her to do so, also apologized for body-shaming her. However, time has proved Karan’s right decision when Alia was even voted among the sexiest Asian women last year.

Alia Bhatt Before And After Weight Loss
Alia Bhatt had a successful transformation from a chubby teen girl to a sexy woman.

Sara Ali Khan

When it comes to Bollywood’s most shocking transformations, we could not let Sara Ali Khan stay neglected.

Sara Ali Khan Before Weight Loss
Sara Ali Khan weighed nearly 100 kg at a time due to some hormone problems.

Suffered from hormonal disorder, Sara Ali Khan used to weigh 96 kg during college days. However, within a very short time, she determined to lose weight and succeeded.

Sara Ali Khan After Weight Loss
Now, Sara is one of the most followed Indian actresses for her flawless beauty.

Bhumi Pednekar

Another outstanding case of Bollywood actress before and after weight loss is Bhumi Penekar who lost 32 kg in half a year. In her debut movie, Pednekar was an overweight bride who was 89 kg but when she walked to the stage to get Filmfare Award for that role, people were stunned at her toned body.

Bhumi Pednekar Before And After Weight Loss
Bhumi Pednekar went from an overweight bride to a gorgeous lady.

Sonam Kapoor

Looking at our present Sonam, it’s hard to imagine a fatter version of the actress before 2007. In that year, she was offered a role by Sanjay Leela Bhansali but he asked her to lose weight immediately.

Sonam Kapoor Before Weight Loss
As a teenager, Sonam Kapoor owned a round face and not-yet-fit body.

Since that moment, Sonam trained herself with the help of her doctor and mother. She lost 32 kg and always stays fit till now.

Sonam Kapoor After Weight Loss
Sonam Kapoor is often offered modeling shoots with her new image now.

Parineeti Chopra

During her old days, Parineeti looked no different from her friends of the same age, with a chubby face and rather fat body. However, the feeling of being teased and made fun of gave her the motivation to lose weight. And we have a sizzling curvaceous Parineeti Chopra at this moment.

Parineeti Chopra Before And After Weight Loss
Parineeti Chopra's face looks much thinner after losing weight.

2. How Bollywood actress lose weight fast

After seeing photos of Bollywood actresses before and after weight loss, we believe you now have plenty of motivation and determination for the upcoming fat-to-fit journey.

Below are the most recommended tips we found in these Bollywood actresses' weight loss diet plan for your reference!

Sara Ali Khan diet plan

Pay attention to your breakfast and workout meal as all Bollywood heroines do this while aiming to lose weight. These are some suggestions from Sara Ali Khan for your meals throughout the day to control your weight.

  • Breakfast: idlis, egg whites, bread toast
  • Lunch: chapatti, dal, rice, vegetables, salad
  • Evening snack: upma
  • Workout meal: muesli, fruits, oats, protein shakes

Besides, Sara Ali Khan prefers Pilates during her gym hours. If you are wondering about her dinner, she said she only had a light meal to avoid fat storage at night.

Sara Ali Khan Workout
Sara combines her strict diet and a frequent workout routine.

Bhumi Pednekar diet plan

Bhumi Pednekar has a more complex diet plan to follow, but losing over 30 kg in 6 months is a worth-trying goal. Here is a brief summary of Bhumi’s diet.

  • Breakfast: muesli with skimmed milk, sunflower seeds, bread, egg white omelets, fruits
  • Lunch: multigrain roti, white butter, dal tadka, vegetables, curd, buttermilk
  • Afternoon snack: fruits, walnuts, almonds, green tea
  • Dinner: salad, grilled fish, chicken, vegetables, brown rice
  • Workout meal: boiled eggs

Along with this diet plan is an intense workout scheme. Bhumi Pednekar often hits the gym in the morning and has workout meal after that before having her lunch.

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Alia Bhatt diet plan

Another Bollywood actress that shared her weight loss diet tips with the public is Alia Bhatt. Like the two others mentioned, Alia chooses eggs for her breakfast together with herbal tea or coffee without sugar. However, we highly recommend herbal tea as coffee is not good for your health in the long run.

  • Breakfast: herbal tea without sugar, poha, egg sandwich
  • Snack: peanuts, makhanas
  • Dinner: daal rice, curd rice
  • Workout drink: coconut water, lemonade

Though Alia didn’t mention what she had for lunch, the actress emphasized that people should have frequent meals to keep fit. Skipping breakfast or lunch does more harm than good to our body.

Besides these tips of how Bollywood actress lose weight fast, you can also refer to diet tips by Nita Ambani who lost 18 kg while accompanying her son in his fat-to-fit journey. Her son Anant Ambani managed to shed off 100 kg in 2 years under the celebrity coach Vinod Chopra.

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Ambani Weight Loss Photo
Besides Bollywood actresses, this mother-son duo also made headlines for their weight loss story.

3. Conclusion

There’s no easy way to stay fit without exercises and strict diet. As you can see how Bollywood actress lose weight fast, all of them had to go through strenuous workout plans and healthy diet. The key is to reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat in your food program, plus a frequent gym schedule.

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