How Long Does It Take To Overcome A Bad Breakup?

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 31, 2019

The answer goes beyond your expectation!

We are all at least once in a lifetime experience a breakup. Even it's a good or a bad breakup; you definitely will undergo a hard time in your life.

Alexandra Solomon, author of Love Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get The Love You Want, is here to provides some plain facts and advice for the broken heart which will be useful for the healing process.


Throw away the timeline

Despite you are the initiator or you are kicked off, no rules can apply to find out the way and the timeline to go through a breakup. Setting a specific timeline have no use, but it could lengthen the healing process. Solomon said, “The best way to speed things along is just to let ourselves feel what we feel as fully as we can”.

Different person has a different pace

There is no particular length of time for getting over the breakup with a new lover or enjoying single life for a while. Furthermore, as long as the comparison in value of between potential partners and your ex still happen, you still stuck in the healing process. “You’ve moved on when you can get to know someone on their terms versus as a comparison,” Solomon explained.


Acting for fear or love

It is important to know if your fear or your love drive the actions you take. Solomon stated,  “If you’re dating because you’re afraid to be alone, desperate to stop hurting, or certain that nobody will ever find you attractive again, those are fears,” she added “Being lead by love means trusting that you have a lot to give, and being excited about the possibilities of a new partnership.”

Find the lesson from your relationship

In a love story, there are not only good memories but also bad times; sometimes, the result is the breakup, and it is not easy to overcome. At any cases, there are lessons to learn, and you will have experience for the next relationship.


Give yourself a clean break

It is not easy to stay away from stalking the ex on social media like Instagram or Facebook, but that actions only reignite memories that you should forget to move on. If you want to come over the breakup quickly, you better get away from looking for information from your ex.

Take care of your self is crucial

After a breakup is a tough time, but it also means that it is the time for refusing your passions, hobbies, and time for family and friends.


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