Nita Ambani Weight Loss: This Secret Keeps The Billionaire Wife Ageless And Beautiful

Salena Harshini |Nov 25, 2020

The weight loss journey of Nita Ambani is totally inspiring and she looks super stunning in her 50s. See her secret and inspiration here!

Nita Ambani, the wife of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, is a philanthropist and businesswoman who is an all-the-way head turner. In her 50s, she still looks refreshing and her values give inspiration to a lot of people out there. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is super motivating and Nita Ambani weight loss a few years ago remains a big goal.

Nita Ambani Weight Loss
The weight loss tips of Nita Ambani will surely inspire many people

As her weight loss secrets are helpful for everyone in their 20s or 30s, we have gathered some of the most useful tips if you also want to drop some kilos.

What routine did Nita Ambani follow to lose weight?

Nita Ambani, despite being privileged enough to have as much guidance and help by her side, has an act of determined courage that not anyone at such age can maintain and it is the spirit that everyone needs to practice and learn for themselves.

Nita Ambani Weight Loss 1
She looks super stunning after shredding some kilos

She began devouring a lot more vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts while also taking on regular swimming, gym, and yoga sessions. Apart from exercising, there are also other things that helped her big time in ditching excessive weight.

Drinking beetroot juice

Beetroot is among the most nutritious vegetables that are available widely in the nation. You would be surprised to see that it is also a big thing in Nita Ambani weight loss journey. For your information, she drank one to two glasses of beetroot juice every day.

One of her tips is beetroot juice

If you haven’t known, beetroot juice is a great detox juice which helps you cleanse your guts and lose fat in a healthy way. It does not have any fat agent, very low calorie level and that means it ensures your calorie intake to be stable. It is also energy-packed as an amazing choice for both your post and pre-workout regime.

So it is now time to have a bit of beetroot in your salad dressings, smoothies, yogurt, and even curries!

Nita Ambani Weight Loss 23
Take notes from Nita Ambani weight loss tips to gain yourself a youthful look


Nita Ambani is an amazing dancer on stage and her classical dance skills assist her a lot in keeping the regime and also having fun while working out.

She loves dancing and this is a really healthy routine

Dancing is truly one of the freestyle exercises that contributed to Nita Ambani weight loss as it helps her stay in shape. Dancing builds agility, endurance, relieves stress, and also boosts balance.

What inspires her to change?

While everyone knows that Nita helped her son Anant Ambani get fitter by losing weight, not many may know that the Ambani lady opted to also be all in for the game to cheer her son up. And that’s when she took lessons along with Anant so her son would not feel demotivated alone.

Nita Ambani Weight Loss 2
She has helped her son and herself be more confident about themselves

When Anant Ambani trained under the supervision of Vinod Chopra, a celebrity coach, and managed to lose more than 100 kilos in two years, Nita Ambani herself spent some time to work on herself. In a number of months later, she put off 18kgs and looked stunning.

Anant Ambani
Anant Ambani looks unrecognizable after weight loss

Anant does not only credit his mother for pushing him to shed weights and transform himself but it is also the other way around. The mother of three said,

 “A child does what his mother does, so I couldn’t be seen eating while putting him on a diet. So I went on a diet along with Anant. Whatever he ate, I ate. Whenever he exercised, I did too. If he went for a walk, I would go along."

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