Touching Stories About Mom To Warm Up 2020 Women's Day

Leela Adwani |Feb 27, 2020

Women who have typically juggled their roles as inspiring, influential changemakers and powerful mothers undoubtedly deserve big shout-outs.

On 8 March every year, the whole world celebrates International Women’s Day which has been observed since the beginning of the 1900s. It’s a day that doesn’t belong to any government, organization, corporation or institution-specific, it’s the day for the global community to honor and recognize the contributions of all women across the world. Women who have typically juggled their roles as inspiring, influential changemakers and powerful mothers undoubtedly deserve big shout-outs. Story about mom always draws much attention of people from all quarters. Today, we bring you 3 heartwarming stories about our family's most wonderful woman.

1. Deaf mom when hearing her son’s voice for the first time

Amy is a 26-year-old  mother who unfortunately was born deaf and has to rely on signing and lip-reading to communicate with other people. In 2013, she started using cochlear implants which is a complex electronic providing a sense of sound to those who are profoundly deaf. The at the office of her doctor, the physician started turning such device up higher and Amy then could hear the voices for the first time in her life, including that of her dear ones, husband and her 6-year-old son named Blake.

Story About Mom 1
For the first time, Amy can hear his son's voice. Source: Youtube

The kid was encouraged to say something to his mother Amy and he yelled: “hi Mom.” At that moment, Amy burst into tears as she can clearly hear her son’s voice which had been something nearly impossible to her before.

2. Little words that encourage the most

Sometimes it’s not only grand gestures that make mothers so special, but also the tender support with little words can mean a lot. The video showcases a blind four-year-old boy using the walking stick to take a great independent step down off a curb for the first time. The video went viral because of not only his never-give-up spirit but also the tender support of his mom who was recording the video and didn’t appear in it.

As the nervous boy is slowing searching for the slope while keeps saying “ I can do it!” and the touching moment is when we hear his mom trying to root him on. She can’t stop saying to cheer her boy up by saying “You can do it, baby.” It’s not far off the mark to say the action can be small to many, but the moment and this story about mom hands-down win our heart.

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3. When old-age home is all that a son gives his mom

Post the demise of the father, a son wanted to leave his mom at an old age home where he sometimes paid a visit. One day he got a phone call and the other side was his mom. She said in a very serious tone, “Please come to visit.”

The son immediately came and what he saw was the condition of his mom which was relatively critical. He then sat close to her and asked what can he do for her?

Story About Mom 2
When you feel exhausted, hold your mom's hand and feel it!

The mother wanted her son to install the fans as there is no fan in this old age home. She also told him to put a fridge for the betterment of food as she had several times sleeping without food.

The son was really surprised and questioned,

"Mom, while you were here you never complained and now when you have only few hours left, why are you telling me all this?"

The mother replied,

"Son, I managed with heat and hunger, and pain, but when you get old and your children send you here in old age home, I am afraid you will not be able to manage."

There's another story when a successful man tricked his mom into an old-age home. He lied to her that they only came to visit the elderly there and distributed some fruits. The son told his mom to stay for a few hours to talk with people there while he would come back to pick her home.

He never came back. The mother, with all her luggage, stood at the nursing house gate every afternoon to wait for her son, till she went mad.

Elder Mom At Old Age Home
Wherever you go, mom is always there, waiting for you.

For International Women’s Day, be inspired by some of the most emotional and touching story about mom who always do everything they can to keep us happy, healthy, and safe. Motherhood cannot be compared to anything else in the world. No matter how rich you are, how old you get, when you get home, you are just a kid of your mom. On this special day, you don’t need to buy something too expensive, your presence at home is a gift of your mom and don’t forget to say ‘I love you’ to your mom.

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