Happy Holi 2019: Safety Tips to Protect Your Skin You Cannot Miss!

Nagini Shree |Mar 22, 2019

These 5 tips will help take care of your skin before and after the Holi celebrations.

March is that time of the year when we are bathed in a mishmash of colors and water. However, according to Consultant Dermatologist Dr Deepti Ghia:

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While some run away from them, others joyfully play and get dirty, which leads to many skin problems. Therefore, it is essential to take adequate skincare measures before stepping out to play Holi and post the festival.

1. Moisturise

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Moisturizing your skin before Holi festival of colour is the most important step. You can apply a gentle moisturizer to protect your skin from synthetic elements and hazardous effects before playing with colours. The slipperiness of the skin prevents the dry colours from sticking to the skin and will ensure that the colours come off easily later.

2. Stay hydrated

While playing Holi outside your house for a long time, you might forget to drink water, and your body becomes dehydrated. This leads to higher possibilities of getting bad tans and your energy level might also get down. Besides, a good water-based toner or herbal one is a suitable choice to sustain the nourishment level of your skin.

3. Love your body

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Start the day by applying olive or coconut oil over your hair and body as the oil forms a barrier and doesn’t let the colours stick to the hair and skin directly. The colour doesn’t stick easily to the skin and that prevents sensitization.

4. Scrub

Don't try to remove Holi colours with chemical-added scrubs and cleansers because they can worsen your woes and irritate your skin. Some homemade body scrubs are effective in getting rid of Holi colours while nurturing your skin.

5. Cleanse

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Finally, opt for a good cleanser to finish your skincare.  You should pick up a natural gentle cleanser and then apply a layer of moisturizer to stay hydrated.


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