Gone Are The Days Of Cheesy Pick-Up Lines, 8 Crazy Flirty Messages Surely Steal Your Crush’s Heart

Leela Adwani |Apr 09, 2020

We don’t say using flirty messages to impress someone is an easy task but it is not that hard. Here are why!

Texting your buddies is perhaps one of the easiest things to do in your life and it just so happens to point out your most hilarious and wittiest self. However, when it comes to the flirty words or pickup lines to your crush, it’s totally a different ball game, isn’t it? We don’t say using flirty messages to impress someone is an easy task but it is not that hard.

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Flirting over text is never that hard

But first, let’s admit that have you ever felt you want to make an impression on your crush but all you do is just to stare at the phone screen and finally drop a measly “haha”? If you said Yes, don’t worry as you are not alone. Not just you but also a lot of people out there are at a loss when texting their crush.

It’s understandable when you find it hard to start a conversation with someone you like. However, the sassy conversation starters below are bound to get the ball rolling naturally and grab your bae’s attention. Believe us!

Kick-start with a viral debate

A hotly debated topic that is currently discussed left, right and center on the Internet is a good idea to start a conversation with your crush. Everyone knows about this topic and so does your crush. It would be a great way to keep you two chatting for hours.

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Send a message asking why she/he missed at school or office. They will feel so touched as you care enough to check on them. Not just this they will also be glad when knowing their presence was missed.

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The list of flirty messages would not be complete without mention smart jokes. Make them laugh with their sense of humor! A good joke, be it a classic dad pun or a bit raunchier, can help you have her laugh. You don’t need to try to be too funny, just relax and read our suggestion.

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Show off your cooking skill

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and there are no two ways about it. They will not only love the free meal from you but you will also be able to show off their excellent cooking skills. However, if cooking is not your strong suit, there are other ways to tell your love interest what your best, don’t worry.

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Tag them in a meme

Thanks to the development of social media, sending funny but flirty messages has never been easier than ever. If you think you don’t have a good sense of humor, here is the backup plan. Making them laughing with a good and relatable meme seems not to challenge you. This is an alternative, quick but not less interesting way to start a conversation with your crush.

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Invite them to an event you will attend

They will feel relatively special when got an invitation from you. We bet they will be hard to say to that invite.

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 Find a good restaurant

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Yes, that’s the backup plan for those who don’t have a knack for cooking. Find a yummy and highly recommended restaurant that you want to try, invite them to join you. That will turn out to be a great excuse to have a date.

Text them late night

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You cannot sleep, shoot them a text. It works! Late night is the time people tend to be most vulnerable, honest and lonely. A late-night message will remind them that you cannot stop thinking of them. Try it!

With such flirty messages, we listed above, we hope you can pick up for yourself at least one to have an interesting conversation with your crush. Now, it’s your time!


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