Take Inspiration From Heartthrobs Kartik Aaryan, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan To Upgrade Your Work Wear

Laavanya Hien |Apr 17, 2019

Stop being lazy and try out these tips from Kartik Aaryan, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan if you are bored with your everyday wardrobe.

It is obvious that appearances matter and what people wear decides how they get judged, particularly their work wear. And, though all men suppose “our options are limited”, it is not absolutely true. There’re multiple choices out there; however, most guys often stick to their basics. Hence, stop being idle, then try out below tips if you’re bored with your daily wardrobe.

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Everyone usually chooses a basic shirt; nonetheless, it gets lost easily in the public. Pick up myriad patterns and prints including stripes and checks to make yourself stand out of the crowd. Selecting herringbone or Mandala weave shirts is also a good idea.


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Many people often get their pants to stitch one-inch tighter and they think that this style looks great. But, sure, it’s not good at all. Ensure that your chosen pants aren’t too tight and comfortable. The pants’ colors also play an important role to complete your entire appearance. Relaxed brown, grey, charcoal, navy, and khaki are among the greatest shades for you to wear at the workplaces.


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“A man is judged by his shoes”, this well-known saying holds true until the present day. Thus, ensure that your favorite shoes are not fluffed or scuffed. Using petroleum jelly could prevent shoes from being damaged. An amazing tip which almost all of the stylish men apply is they mix shoes with a belt that they’re wearing. If you are finding the best shoes for your office environment, opting for derby shoes is a smart selection.


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Suits might be a little overwhelming; however, jackets are not really. It’s much-needed apparel for anyone working at the senior post. For sure, it’s a perfect choice to make you become stylish and stand out. Choosing stylish denim and ditching your formal trousers to complete your look.

Some tips to revamp your ensembles to stand out:

- Fits are really important. So, avoiding buying the unsuitable size.

- A wristwatch helps you look classier than your phone when you want to check the time.

- Watch carefully for details such as colors, buttons, and fit

Make sure that your socks will match your pants’ colors to bring you a stylish look.


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