Flirting Signs: 8 Common Signs Showing That She’s Into You!

Kaira Immre |Oct 25, 2019

Sometimes, women flirt her partners more than what they say and do. But, not every man can recognize these signs because her performance isn’t easy to see. Here’re 8 common flirting signs showing that she’s interested in you!

In fact, in a relationship, not only guys can flirt, but also girls. However, when it comes to love, they speak a different language in quite a dramatic way. And, all the things every man should do is to decode these flirting signs cleverly from her. We’re here to give you some common signs showing how a girl behaves when she’s falling in love with you.

She touches you flirtatiously

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If she’s getting involved with you constantly through romantic touches, congratulations: it’s a big sign that she’s into you. She may put her hand on your arms, touch your shoulder or middle back during the conversation. Also, when you are teasing her, she giggles without any discomfort.

So, on the next date, pay attention more in her actions; these may be flirting signs from her!

She laughs more

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Laughter is not only good medicine for everyone’s health but also is one of the most apparent flirting signs from a girl. A girl only laughs freely with someone she feels comfortable and impressive. That means she may take gradually care of you. Even she laughs at your lame jokes; it’s because she’s trying to help you feel more relaxed and confident in the conversation.

She asks you lots of questions

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When she starts being into you, it’s clear that she wants to know you more. Then, she’ll shoot a lot of questions about yourself, such as job, hobby, daily routine, emotional aspect, or even plans. It’s her way of flirting.

She gives you more intense eye contact

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This is the most common flirting signs that women use and also is one of the most missed ones. If a girl gives you more intense eye contact, it means she’s inviting you to come and talk to her. This can happen in any case even when you’re walking across the street or sit quietly in the corner of the bar. All the things you should do if seeing this sign is confidently coming and starting talking to her!

She flirts with her body language

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During the conversation with you, she may play her hair more, her body may move smoothly to gain your attention more. When she is with you, she acts differently, like laughing more even it’s only your lame joke, flipping her hair, and so on. The only reason is she is trying to seduce you!

She makes plans

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When a girl’s interested in a guy, she’ll foresee the future with him. She’ll plan more meetings to know more about you. Even she can ask you about the marriage, the kids, or the place you would like to be in the next ten years. Besides the love, caring about future plans means that she sincerely expects a future with you.

She promotes herself

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Although maybe it’s difficult for a guy to understand clearly a girl, when she shares her stories with you, it means she trusts you and wants to be with you. Therefore, it’s not surprising if, in the conversations, she tells you a lot of her childhood stories, the weakness, hobbies, etc. She only wants you to know her more and to become closer and closer to her.

It may sound ridiculous, but it’s one of the most subtle flirting signs all guys shouldn’t ignore.

Her cheeks become red

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Blushing is the most common and easiest-to-see sign showing a girl has a fall in love with you. A girl smiles slightly and looks down when facing you, it’s sure that she’s attracted by you. Because every girl blushes only in front of the man she’s interested in. Her shyness is also one of the flirting signs indicating that you’re a special man in her heart.


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