Five Secrets You Must Keep In Mind To Retain Love After Marriage

Rose Advani |Dec 10, 2019

When you find out that the love between you and your partner is going down after marriage, these 5 secrets will help you retain the love after marriage.

There is a negative view about love after marriage that fading from time to time during the marriage life. However, the view has turned the wrong view with the evidence from psychologists.

As estimated, up to 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce that questioning all people about a long-term partnership. The love fading from time to time in the marriage life is more and more popular that threatens anyone who gonna turn their relationship from a couple to a spouse.

However, a real love absolutely can last so long, or forever if you follow 5 miracle secrets below. Here is a great way to retain love after marriage as the same as the dating time.

Love after mariage
Does love fade in the marriage life

5 secrets to remain your romantic love after marriage!

A long-term relationship is a result of stress release, reduction of anxiety, feelings of security, calmness and a union together. When you and your partner reach the threshold, your love will last over time, even after marriage.

Adding a little “Love Blindness”

Love needs some “blindness” when you looking at your partner. Whatever your partner do or get, you always see them in a positive way as a good looking, funny, and caring without any assessments. Here is a great way to keep the relationship last so long.

Trying something new

Your love is fading if you do not add something new to your relationship. Following the same schedule for each day will give you and your partner the boredom feeling that is a killing factor to end up a relationship.

love after marriage
Sometimes the couple should go out for a meal as when dating

So, you should try to do something different as daily as going out, traveling, or playing a game together. By this way, you will maintain the attraction both in physical and mental matters. And it’s the basic actor to keep warm your relationship. The love is still there when the couple attracts each other.

love after marriage
Travel together

Being independent of each other

Being independent is the key factor to retain love after marriage. If you are in the dating time, being dependent might be a cute thing that partners feel that they can protect you and handle for you. However, in the marriage life is much different, you need to be independent, especially in finance, to control what you want to do and what you charge for your family. By this way, both you and your partner feel the confidence and equality and the relationship will last over time.

love after marriage
Being independent in finance will keep the relationship last so long

Being passionate for life and passion for love

Psychologists say that passion for life can drive the passion in love. So, you must keep an optimistic point to life as excitements for what you work for. These positive feelings to life will provide energy to improve personal life as satisfying for retaining a long-term relationship.

love after marriage

 Invest time and energy into the relationship

Your love is worth to invest time! If you think that love still there though you are shouting that you are so busy to spend time on it, you are in the wrong way. A long-term relationship requires both the man and woman to invest the time to take good care for always warm. Notice that owning a successful marriage, you can handle all things in life.

love after marriage
You and your partner must spend time to build up a long-term relationship

After all, the facts have shown that more and more couples get worried about getting married after a long time of dating. They are afraid that their romantic love might be changed and end up by a divorce. However, the desire to live together for a happy family seems to be bigger. And with these secrets, none of us questions that “does love to remain the same even after marriage?” We strongly believe that you can handle this and have a stable family for a long time.


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