LOVE Guru: Pay Attention Or You Might Mistake These Feelings For Love

Jasmin Hue |Oct 28, 2019

Love is beautiful but also very mysterious. Sometimes it's even hard to say if you are in love or not. Hence, check out these 7 feelings to make sure that you are not mistaking them for love.

Love is one of the most abstract words in human’s dictionary. Everyone feels love in a different way, and there’s no exact word to describe it. Because of its nature, love can create an illusion in us. Check out these 7 feelings to make sure that you are not mistaking them for love.

1. You feel a sense of stability from that person

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As our life is full of ups and downs, we have the tendency to find someone who can give us sense of stability. They have a smooth life and we are attracted to it when we are amid of crisis. But chances are, once we acknowledge that sense of stability should come from own ourselves, not from the other, you will lose interest in your partner.

2. You experience mood swing

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Your partner takes you to the peak of happiness by preparing a romantic date for you and then let you fall into the cliff of sadness right afterwards with a nonsense quarrel. You feel like you are constantly sitting on the roller coaster of emotions. If you think this is the typical scenario of every relationship, you might be wrong. True love requires compassion and sacrifice for each other.

4. That person is kind to you

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You are in the middle of an emotional breakdown and suddenly there’s someone coming to you and offering you a hand to drag you out of that mess. You might immediately think that it’s your “prince charming” coming to rescue you. But be careful, don’t mistake one’s kindness as love!

5. You constantly feel jealous


If you feel so uneasy about seeing your partner talking to their friend of the opposite sex, chances are, the sense of insecurity is growing in you. Once you have such feelings, think again about your relationship, love should be built one the foundation of mutual trust and sense of security.

6. You illude yourself

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Once you have a crush on someone, you tend to put them in the “bubble of perfection”. You idealize your lover. But in fact, you are actually deluding yourself. There’s no perfect human being and once you see your partners’ dark sides, you suddenly that you are just in love with the your “ideal partner created by your mind”, not his/her true self.

7. You cannot tell if that person is your lover or just a friend

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You have someone by your side to share your every secret with and you feel strong connection with that person. There’s nothing to guarantee that such a feeling is a sign of a romantic relationship. It can also be just friendship. If both of you feel little sexual desire in such a relationship, most likely you have mistaken it for love.

Love is a beautiful experience but is mysterious at the same time. It is extremely difficult to keep our minds clear when we are dealing with our feelings for someone. Hence, think carefully about your relationship before deciding to invest your time!


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