6 Love Tips For Boys To Have A Perfect Valentine’s Day 2020

Rose Advani |Feb 05, 2020

Valentine's Day 2020 is coming and couples are finding the sweetest way to express love. See the best love tips for boys to have a perfect Valentine date!

Valentine’s Day is a big day of the year for anyone who is in a relationship. For boys, this day is not only a sweet day but a stressful day because their girls often expect many special things from them. This high expectation gives boys much pressure on this day. To make the Love week 2020 easy on boys, this article by Starbiz.com has handpicked 6 love tips for boys on Valentine's Day.

Prepare yourself for Valentine's Day with these love tips for boys!

Truthfully, it’s not difficult to make her valentine's day be special, the girls get emotional with the honest and action and simple thing that their men bring back. Guys can make the day easy and the couples can enjoy the romantic moments as this day should be with these simple tips, just some roses, love text, or some candy with love, etc.

1. Give her Red Roses

A bunch of red roses on the Valentine day will bonus you a point though it’s not a new idea and quite similar to other couples. However, your girl will always be attracted by such romantic act, especially when you do it with these tips.

Here are two ways to give your girl red roses impressively and grab her heart:

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet & so are you!

Tip 1: Buy a bouquet of red roses the night before and hide them somewhere in your house. On Valentine’s day when she wakes up, just say Happy Valentine and grab the red roses at the hidden place. That is suitable for spouses or couples who live together.

Tip 2: You order services to give your girl red roses monthly so that she is reminded of your love every month. Receiving red roses monthly or weekly, your girl will feel your honest and romance and surely fell in love with your action.

2. Prepare a Romantic Meal

For a romantic meal, you can select a rooftop restaurant that gives both of you a nice view. You can also opt for a cozy small room to enjoy the meal in intimacy. The table cloths and table decoration should be matched, and professional wait staff will contribute a part to your romantic meal.

Get a romantic dinner together to celebrate your Love day!

Finally, you just gentle lay out the blanket, light the candle, crack the champagne and enjoy the dinner with her. Tell her how beautiful she is before starting the meal!

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3. Take her to Meaningful Places

You and your partner should celebrate a great Valentine together somewhere nice that both of you love to travel to. Once arriving at the destination, you can create valuable moments with her as a romantic dinner, a proposal or other interesting activities.

Dating again at the first date is not a new idea but most couples choose this way to remind the best moments of their love as where you had the first kiss, where you proposed her, or simply where you first met. These places are always meaningful to you and her.

love-tips-for-boys-dating-at-the same-places
Dating again at the first date place where you had the first kiss or proposed her

For a night at these places, you can choose a romantic movie together. You should prepare some blankets, cute pillows, and popcorn as well. Adding candles and wine is also a good idea to make the movie watching more attractive.

4. Give her a Special Gift

Flowers are not all gifts, you should make a big gift for your special partner; the special gift does not mean an expensive gift. For the girl, a handmade gift from her guy is always much more adorable because not many men in the world can do that. You can get some DIY recommendations on the internet such as The Distilled Man.

Handmade gifts give guys bonus points

5. Write her a Letter

Any girl will feel much happy when receiving a handwritten letter from her man though it’s old-fashioned and most modern guys no longer bother to do this. In fact, this simple action means so much to girls.

She will definitely be impressed with the heart-touching letter from her love which she may re-read many times later, for her entire life.

A handwritten letter is worth a thousand gifts

Tip: You should give her the letter before going to work or after both of you enjoy dinner. You don't want her to read it in a hurry, right?

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6. Hide Heart Candies in your house

You should buy some cute candies with heart shapes or other interesting shapes, then put them somewhere in the house where your partner can easily catch up. Finding the candy with some sweet words as “My Girl”, “Me & You”, “My Love” or “Be Mine” will make her smile all day. It's the cutest and sweetest moment in the life that your girl can feel from you.

These candies strategy is proved to make her heart melts on Valentine’s Day.

Buy these sweet-heart candies to give her a surprise!

Here are some places at home where you can hide the candies:

  • Makeup tables
  • The bathroom sink
  • Next to the coffee machine
  • Her bags or purses
  • Some in her shoes
  • Her seat in the car

Valentine’s Day is a sweet day for a couple that should not be stressful for boys. Above are 6 love tips for boys to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2020 for his love. After all, the love between you and your partner is a decisive factor for a V-day happy or not. By the way, your effort to make this day special will warm up your relationship and prove how much you love her.

For more awesome tips, Starbiz.com will update daily for a warm upcoming Valentine’s day, check our love & life section to get love tips for this big day!


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