Every Time Sonam Kapoor Casts A Spell Dress In Pink Colour

Nagini Shree |Jan 21, 2019

Sonam Kapoor looks like a pink princess, we jump in for fashion cues.

Sonam Kapoor finds her unique way of redefining looks and colors like no one else in the entertainment industry. From a Bollywood fashionista to a breaking stereotypes with each new look, Sonam Kapoor has indeed come a long way.

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The Bollywood actress makes her look outstanding when it comes to elegant, classy and challenging to match style. Being a sucker for pink shade, she has recently tried to mix her outfits in hue color.  Be it on the silver screen or different occasions, the diva style always touches a chord in the heart of fans and becomes a trend-setter for many young girls.  Take a look at the times when she owned it in stunning all-pink outfits.

Sonam was spotted in a pink Calvin Klein pantsuit and a white Prada shirt and looked stunning as always. Sonam gave a strong pose.

Sonam Kapoor turned up at Isha Ambani’s wedding in a gorgeous pink outfit.


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