DaViral Announces 3 Winners Of Cooking Challenge, Who Is The Owner Of Rs. 18,000?

Salena Harshini |May 27, 2020

Doubleteen Cooking Challenge held by EatToday, DaViral is the amphitheater for cooking lovers around India. The winner list has finally been decided. Check it out here!

Doubleteen Cooking Challenge held by EatToday, DaViral is the amphitheater for cooking lovers and those who want to try their luck in the culinary game. Within nearly four weeks (from April 30, 2020, to May 31, 2020), the competition committee has received a lot of support and collaboration from contestants around the country.

During the challenge time, Doubleteen Cooking Challenge has reached 73621 users and 200 fan pages, 20 groups, and a lot of news sites. The live-streaming videos from contestants also attracted a lot of views, ranging from more than 240 views to nearly 68,500 views per vid.

Read details about Doubleteen Cooking Challenge here!

Doubleteen Daviral
The total prize for three winners is up to Rs 32,000.

Winners Of Doubleteen Cooking Challenge

Until May 31, the committee of Doubleteen Cooking Challenge has engaged 61 videos out of 59 contestants. The contestants have put their cooking skills on display with various dishes which all look incredibly scrumptious.

We have kept track of the Livestream time, the number of comments, interactions, and views for each video of the candidates. The organizing committee also looked carefully into the contestant's score until the last moment of the program’s voting deadline in order to bring maximum fairness to the contest.

doubleteen cooking challenge Prize
Photos of three winners with most-viewed cooking videos.

After a process of thorough scrutiny and conclusion, we have chosen three contestants with the most-viewed videos to claim the prizes.

We are happy to pronounce 3 winners of Doubbleteen Cooking Challenge with the highest final scores as below:

1. First prize: Rs. 18,000 - Ramana Venkat

Our top winner has excellently garnered 68,494 views with the recipe of shrimp/prawn curry, rice, dal, salad, and pampad with only 3 ingredients. However, it's not him who cooked, but his sister.

Watch her amazing cooking video here!

1 Ramana Venkat doubleteen cooking challenge

2. Second prize: Rs. 10,000 - Mohd Kaleem Uddin

The second prize goes to Mohd Kaleem Uddin with Rs. 10,000 for his Gulab Jamun vs Gulgule with only 3 ingredients. His live stream video has 42,679 views in total.

Here is his viral cooking video.

2 Mohd Kaleem Uddin doubleteen cooking challenge

3. Third prize: Rs. 4,000 - Kaveri Tiwari

And our third prize belongs to Kaveri Tiwari, who has collected 32,855 views from her cooking video. We are happy to inform you that you have won Rs. 4,000 with your 3-ingredient dishes.

Take a look at Kaveri cooking video!

3 Kaveri Tiwari doubleteen cooking challenge

Another big applause for our champs!

4. Complimentary prizes - Rs. 1,000 each

Besides the three top winners, we want to give more the awards as a recognition to the tremendous efforts of those who support us from the beginning. That is why DaViral - host of the challenge - decided to honor the other thirteen contestants as incentives. Each will be given Rs. 1,000. Check out the winning list below:

doubleteen cooking challenge Prize

Once again, DaViral wants to send you the biggest congratulations and appreciation for your efforts and support in our competition.

The cooking challenge is organized by DaViral, the multinational corporation who just launched EatToday website to connect consumers with small and medium enterprises in food & beverage industry. This is a worth-praising act during the tough time of coronavirus pandemic which hits SMEs hard.

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