The Secret For Indian Quick Lunch Recipes - Get Your Favorite Food Ready In A Blink Of An Eye!

Bhavna Acharya |May 09, 2020

However, being on a tight time frame doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious home-made meals. Here we give you a list of Indian quick lunch recipes that you can whip up in just 15 minutes: 

While many people don’t mind devoting hours to preparing fancy dishes every day, spending too much time on cooking seems to be out of the question for some. If cooking is your cup of tea but you can’t afford too much time on it, some Indian quick lunch recipes below will be your top 1 option when it comes to a home-made meal. Even when cooking is not your forte, these recipes are super easy to make.

Considering many of us are constantly up to our ears with daily tasks, cooking time-consuming, elaborate dishes doesn’t sound like a good idea. However, being on a tight time frame doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious home-made meals. Cooking doesn't not only save you a lot of money but also guarantee food hygiene. You can also customize the recipes to please your own taste. Here we give you a list of 8 Indian quick lunch recipes that you can whip up in just 15 minutes. 

Aloo Kurkure

Crave for some fried potato balls?

Prepare a large bowl to mix potatoes, green chilies, mint leaves, cumin seeds powder, and lemon juice all together. Pour some salt on the mixture, shape it into round balls and set them aside.

 Indian quick lunch recipes Aloo Kurkure
Aloo Kurkure is one of the best Indian quick lunch recipes for busy people

Now let’s move to the next step with flour. Add plain flour to the mixing bowl, moisten it with a little water until the flour turns into a thick and smooth paste. Dip the potato mixture balls into the paste and fully coat them with rice flakes. Add the coated balls into the heating oil and deep fry them until golden brown. 

Achaari paneer

Achaari paneer is among various dishes that you can make with paneer, and the recipes are often so simple.

 Indian quick lunch recipes
Achaari paneer is tasty and easy to make

Make a great mixture of fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, and asafoetida. Plop the mixture in a hot pan with heated oil. Wait till it crackle, add chopped onion, and gently saute to pink. Season it with turmeric, paneer, black salt, and chili powder, give it a nice stir. Now, add coriander and extra salt to get it ready for boiling. 

Some easy-to-make parkas would be a perfect choice for a rainy day. Prepare a large bowl to combine besan, methi leaves, cooking soda, curd, red chili powder, onions, and ajwain all together. Gradually pour water into the mixture. Preheat a wok with oil, gently plop the battered pakora one by one. Wait until they turn golden and there you go! 

Anda Curry

In the mood for some curry? Take eggs out of your fridge and start making Anda Curry! 

Indian Dishes Quick Recipes Anda Curry Jpg
Anda Curry is your best choice if you're an egg-lover

Heat the saucepan, pour about 2 tablespoons into it.

Add garlic, chopped onions, and give a nice stir with some ginger paste. Continue to saute for a few minutes more and wait for the onion to turn pink.

Add some coriander powder, red chili powder, and turmeric powder and stir them all together.

Now put tomato, salt and boiled eggs into the mixture. The curry needs to boil for around ten minutes until it fully coats the eggs. 

Phodnicha Bhaat

Indian Dishes Quick Recipes Phodnicha Bhaat
Is there anyone who doesn't love Phodnicha Bhaat? One of the easiest quick lunch recipes to go with

You can easily whip this delicious dish up with any leftover rice, chili powder, and onions. Make a quick tadka of cumin seeds and add rice to it.

Season it with salt, mustard, and chili powder and your home-made Phodnicha Bhaat is ready. 

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Idli Upma

Use your hands to mash leftover idlis into small pieces. Add mustard, chanaa dal, curry leaves, urad into the preheated oil.

Indian Quick lunch Recipes Idli Upma
Idli Upma is easy to make even when cooking is not your forte

Keep stirring for a few minutes on a low flame. Wait until the mustard seeds crackle and urad dal’s color changes into a golden tone, add turmeric powder, and onion for a vivid look. As soon as the onions turn brown, add the mashed idlis and salt into and give a nice mix. 


This simple recipe only takes you 10 minutes to complete.

Indian quick lunch recipes Bhurjee
You can make Bhurjee with basic and simple ingredients

Heat the pan, add cumin, hing, green chillies , onions, and curry leaves and saute them all together with oil. Adding eggs or paneer totally depends on you. Add some salt and your Bhurjee is ready, it is best served with both bread or rice.

Anardana Raita

Whether it is for the main dish or dessert, this yummy and easy-to-make raita can do it all.

Indian quick lunch recipes Anardaana Raita
Anardaana Raita is suitable to have at any time no matter it is breakfast, lunch or dinner

First, you need to make sure the yogurt is creamy by whisking it nicely. Add a pinch of salt and a little red chili powder. Complete your Raita with seeds and a little bit of pomegranate juice and you are done.

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