Dreams Decoded: The Marriage Dreams' Meaning You've Always Wanted To Know

Kimmy Karima |Oct 17, 2019

Most people believe that each dream symbolizes something. So exploring your marriage dreams' meaning is interesting, as it can give you a better understanding of your circumstance in real life.

It's not easy to interpret your dreams, because most of the time, they're really far from reality. They just bring you to the lands of fantasies, to the places where you can never imagine you will reach. Then, there are also some dreams that are so real that you wonder if they try to tell you something.

Like the dreams about matters around marriage. They surely signify something, don't they? Well, let's read about your marriage dreams' meaning right now, so you don't have to keep those questions in your head anymore.

A wedding dream while the thought of getting married doesn’t cross your mind

Marriage Dreams' Meaning
A wedding dream may mean responsibility and commitment.

Remember that having a dream about a wedding isn't the same as dreaming of or longing for one anyway. But if you think about the core of a marriage, you’ll have a clue about the meaning of your dream. A wedding is a big change in your life. It will take you to a new chapter, which may be very different from the previous one.

Therefore, the dream of a wedding may represent some huge adjustment you’re experiencing, like in your career or your habitat. And take notice of the commitment that a wedding brings you. Maybe the change in your real life also requires a similar level of commitment and responsibility.

A dream about tying the knot with a person you’ve never been into

Marriage Dreams' Meaning
Dreaming of marrying someone you don’t love may indicate a shared task.

You may be startled if you have this kind of dream. Who isn’t, if thinking of marrying a person holding none of our interest? And if that person in your dream is someone you meet daily, it can cause awkwardness because you’ll recall that dream every time.

But does it mean that you’re destined to be with that person? No, just because someone appears in your dream, it doesn’t mean they are your dream lover.

It just symbolizes a shared responsibility or task. In work or other aspects, maybe, not in love. So, this dream may indicate that you are co-operating with that certain person for a particular purpose. Or if that’s not happening right now, it will maybe do soon.

A dream about someone else getting married

Marriage Dreams' Meaning
Someone else getting married in your dream may mean that you’re assisting them in real life.

You may find it funny that you dream about someone else tying the knot, because that person may not have a marriage plan anytime soon, or even got married a long time ago.

See, dreams are not real, aren’t they? But this dream does say that maybe you’re involved in someone’s task. Like you’re helping someone working towards their goal.

Or there may be a project in which you’re not a participant but an assistant? All in all, your dream signifies your supporting role in something in real life.

A dream of yourself in an arranged marriage

Marriage Dreams' Meaning
An arranged marriage dream may represent an unwanted obligation.

Not that everyone is interested in arranged marriages. But this dream doesn’t tell you that one is coming to you anyway. It just suggests that you’re maybe under the pressure and have to do some certain things you don’t really want to. Of course, this situation is not nice.

So if you have a dream of an arranged marriage, think whether you’re doing, or going to do something that you’re not comfortable with, and why. And find a way to dodge if you can. Doing something just for the sake of pleasing others may not good for your mentality and emotions at all.

A honeymoon dream

Marriage Dreams' Meaning
A honeymoon dream may symbolize something going on in your sex life.

Oh, this dream sounds sweet. Or does it? In fact, a dream about a honeymoon after marriage may make you tired, not excited. Because it indicates that there’s something running in your mind about your sex life. Maybe you’re bored or fed up with sex in real life. And you want some new, refreshing and exciting experience. Or maybe you’ve got some fear or anxiety related to sex.

If none of them is right, a honeymoon dream may mean that your love life is having a good turn and you’re looking forward to it.


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