Widen Your Dating Range: Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Date Your Opposite!

Kimmy Karima |Jul 24, 2019

They often say that dating someone similar to you and you’ll more likely have a long-lasting relationship. But dating someone so different from you brings you a lot of benefits too.

Certainly, there are some core values that you never want to compromise in relationships, like your belief or your idea of mutual respect, etc. But apart from them, the differences in personalities, hobbies or thoughts may make dating your opposite much more interesting.

So, be confident with courting the contrary version of yourself, because you’ll have these advantages:

More balance, more stability

You’ll have more balance in your personality once you date your opposite.

Two polars may complement each other. Each may look at the other and find things he/she can do to have more compatibility in the relationship. For example, a hot-tempered man can gradually reach the calmer state if his partner is gentle. A shy woman can become more open when having a self-confident partner. When both sides improve in a positive way like that, their love will undoubtedly get stronger.

More new experiences and skills

You may learn several new skills from your partner.

Most people stay in their comfort zone and do things as they routinely do. But when you’re in love with your opposite, your horizon expands. You learn about new perspectives, new ways of thinking. Seeing them every day is like reading new genres of books you never read before.

Besides, you may also learn new skills. For example, you start learning organizing techniques if your partner is Marie Kondo type. It’s such a fresh gust of wind!

More empathy and understanding

Loving the opposite will teach you empathy and compromise./Photo: Getty Images.

Being with a person so different from you means you’ve got a lot to empathize. You’ll learn to put yourself in your lover’s shoes to see things from their angle and learn when to take a step back. Because sometimes, there’s not a clear distinction between wrong and right, just that two of you have different ways to handle the matter.

Empathy and understanding are also necessary in other aspects of life. It makes you kinder and more caring. Win-win situation, right?

More courage and more excitement

Opposites bring excitement to each other./Photo: DepositPhotos.

You know why opposites attract? Because of the excitement! You see in the opposite person a whole new world that you’d like to explore. It may also be challenging to step out of your previously known world to join your partner on their path. Which definitely makes you braver and increases the intimacy.

Furthermore, your partner “may gently encourage you to confront your fears”, said Jaclyn Lopez Witmer, a psychologist in New York. Then you’ll know what “living life to the fullest” means.

This is not to urge you to ignore the ones similar to yourself. We just urge you to keep your eyes and mind opened, and find benefits from any kind of romance you find yourself in.


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