Struggling Life Of A Woman Inheriting 350K Dollars From Her Dad's Friend, What Happened To Her?

Leela Adwani |Feb 26, 2021

Katie Loveridge who is currently 27 years old inherited £250,000 ($350k) at the age of six.

If you are always curious about the life of the heirs after receiving a considerable fortune from their filthy rich parents, then this article is for you. A woman who inherited a huge amount of money recently shared her story.

Woman Inherited 350k Dollars
Life of the woman who inherited 350k Dollars from her father's friend

Katie Loveridge who is currently 27 years old inherited £250,000 ($350k) at the age of six. She said that people assume she is the victim of sexual abuse.

How much she has inherited?

Wilfred Lamb who was a retired engineer left everything for her before he passed away at the age of 72. Wilfred was a friend of her father and was introduced to Katie when she was four years old.

Katie In Wilfred farm
Katie and Wilfred in his farm

The pair then became inseparable. They broke the national news when eccentric Lamb snubbed his daughter and left his friend’s daughter a.k.a Katie his entire estate comprising of a cottage and 27 acres of land.

The current life of Katie Loveridge

Katie, in an interview, expressed her true feelings after inheriting that big fortune from Wilfred. She said that she was a little girl back then who didn’t ask for any of this.

“I honestly wish I never inherited anything because the grief hasn’t been worth it,” said her.

Katie And Wilfred Lamb
She loves him like a granddad

Her life has turned out so struggling because many people approach her asking for money. Her then boyfriends even stole from her purse.

Katie Loveridge
But she wishes she has never inherited such estate.

Bad words of mouth make her life so tough as many think that she must have been abused to get the inheritance from her father’s friend. She confessed,

“It has wrecked my life.”

Katie is even scared whenever she leaves her home.

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