Wife Stabs Husband Multiple Times For Not Recognizing Herself Lying Naked With Him In Old Photos

Hanima Anand |Jan 27, 2021

The Mexican woman didn’t let her husband say a word before attacking him with the knife. It turned out she thought he was cheating but the fact was it’s her own photo.

A few days ago, an unfortunate incident took place in Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico when a woman was enraged and stabbed her husband multiple times on his arms and legs.

Mexican husband severely wounded by the raging wife

According to Mexican police reports, the woman went into a full rage when seeing a photo of her husband in bed with another young woman. Not asking him to explain, the violent wife grabbed her knife and stabbed the husband on his arms and legs multiple times.

Luckily, the man managed to wrestle the knife out of his wife’s hands and asked what caused her to do so. Leonora A (the wife in the report) then told her husband Juan N that she saw him cheating on her in a photo on his mobile phone.

Angry Woman Looking At Phone
Failed to recognize herself in the old photo, Leonora thought her husband was having affairs with another woman.

Wife didn’t recognize her own photo with husband

It turned out it’s the photo of Leonora and Juan in the old days when they were dating. Juan said that he had recently found their old photos in an email, so he transferred them to his mobile phone.

Reports also said that Leonora didn’t recognize herself in the pic because she was much younger, thinner, and was wearing makeup.

Juan was in the hospital to recover from the severe injuries while Leonora was kept behind bars for further interrogation.

Mexican Wife Stabs Husband
Leonora was arrested and kept behind bars.

Reacting to the one-off story, netizens could not believe what they just read. Some expressed their sympathy with the woman who forgot her own past, but most people criticized Leonora for not asking her husband to explain from the beginning.

What do you think about this? Will you forgive the wife for her blind jealousy or do you think Juan should file a divorce?

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