Dating Tips: 5 Subtle Things Tell You About Subconscious Flirting Signs From A Woman

Ankita Chetana |Jan 14, 2020

These are some flirting signs from a woman to make sure that she’s into you or you are pretending it to be her feeling just because she is so friendly.

Love is a thing disputing in the grandeur and magnitude that we cannot describe in some words. Some people can define it with a term of life, while some others feel it vague and invisible. So how about men in love? They sometimes misunderstand a woman’s friendliness a signal of dating. Women are more sensitive, but there are times they don’t master what they express out. To make it clear for every man, here we give some dating tips for you to indicate the shape of flirting signs from a woman.

Impress you sometimes

flirting signs from a woman

Be it a man or woman, everyone wants to impress their crush by showing off their strength or attraction. So, the first thing in flirting signs from a woman is also saying or acting whatever her male crush likes. On the opposite side, a friendly girl will just stay beside to encourage or give praise. You should learn to know if a girl is appreciating you or really making efforts doing something you like.

Body language

Body Language

If you are delicate and own a sense of observing, you will know what she wants to say through her body language. Not only experts but many bystanders also state that a woman’s body language can express many things and differ herself from a friendly girl. But let’s be awake of the other suggestions from her as well.

Pay special attention to your saying


A woman who likes you will notice everything you share with her, even a small detail that you accidentally say about. Or in a group, she dives in your continuous speeches without any bores unlike what she treats other people else.

Repeat her single status many times

Single Status

Opening up about the relationship status is nothing big, but when a woman repeats frequently that she is still single, it means her pick is here. It also signifies that she wants to move from a single home to an apartment for a couple.

Explore you as much as possible

Explore You

Of course, flirting is ready when someone is trying to explore your stories so this is one of flirting signs from a woman, too. A friendly girl won’t spend time to find out your hobbies or your past, she will just know what you tell her.

With these above flirting signs from a woman, are you confident enough to differ who crushes you with someone who tends to be friendly now?


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