Dating 101: Find Out What The Ideal Date For Each Zodiac Sign Is

Kimmy Karima |Oct 31, 2019

Everyone has his or her own preference of dates. Therefore, what you're into may not what your crush or partner likes. So let’s find out what your beloved is into by getting to know the ideal date for each zodiac sign.

Do the differences in dating style make you scratch your head in confusion because your partner doesn't seem to enjoy the date you've spent a lot of time preparing for? Worry no more. Here you'll find out what the ideal date for each zodiac sign is, and from now on, you will always give what your partner likes to take.

You're such a mind reader, aren't you? Or to be more precise, a zodiac sign reader!

Aries: Adventurous activities

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Aries are always full of energy and ready to face any kinds of challenges. So they'll enjoy a date which involves faster heartbeats and sweat. Like a workout session at the gym or an hour of sports. Or at least, ask your partner to go jogging with you. Those activities benefit both your health and your love.

Taurus: Cooking show

ideal date for each zodiac sign

No, it won't be much fun to just sit on the couch and watch a Masterchef show on TV. What you should do instead is inviting your beloved to come over and try a new recipe together, because Taurus people like challenges in the kitchen. A perfect dish will be created when it's cooked with love and laughs.

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Gemini: Doing things with friends

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Geminis aren't into quiet places. They enjoy noises and crowds. So if your partner is a Gemini, take him or her out together with some friends. They will like that kind of dates even though all everyone does may just be talking. A group game is also highly recommended.

Cancer: Something sweet

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Cancer is the most sensitive sign. They like sweet things, like a sugary movie, sweetened popcorn or a pink ice-cream. And while you take your partner to the cinema for that rom-com and buy that big bucket of popcorn, remember to whisper loving words too. That will just be perfect.

Leo: A bar with live music or Karaoke

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Leos always want to be outstanding. So the ideal date for your bold and brave partner is one that can give him or her all the attention. For example, a Leo will like a bar where people can perform on the stage. Or if you want more privacy, go to a karaoke. Then sit back and relax, and enjoy the songs your beloved sings.

Virgo: Brain exercises

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Virgos are proud of their quick thinking so they're interested in activities that can give their brains a good workout. So playing some chess matches or trying to solve puzzles and crosswords are what make your Virgo partner delighted. Don't cheat while playing anyway, else you'll be seen as a liar.

Libra: A meal for a group

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Libras like to eat and also enjoy being surrounded by friends. That's why they tend to like a date which involves both food and friends, obviously. Ask your Libra partner to dine out and emphasize that s/he can bring some mates. Wow, you'll become the ideal lover in your beloved's eyes.

Scorpio: A water date

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Most Scorpios like to be active and like water, so they'll be brightened up when seeing a swimming pool. If you think it's not easy for you to go swimming, then take your Scorpio beloved for a walk around a beautiful lake. Being near water and surrounded by nature, what could be a more ideal idea?

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Sagittarius: Amusement park

ideal date for each zodiac sign

A theme park can bring you and your Sagittarius partner back to the childhood. Since Sagittarius are daredevils, you can try riding a roller-coaster for some thrill. The bond will get stronger when lovers go through scary moments together, right? And if a roller-coaster is still too mild, let's try the haunted house too.

Capricorn: Music show

ideal date for each zodiac sign

Many Capricorns enjoy inspiring things, like music and other art performances. They’re also detail-oriented. So if you have a smooth plan of going to a very nice music show together, especially if the tickets are hard to buy, your soulmate will highly appreciate your efforts. Besides, a trip to an art museum is a good date too.

Aquarius: Widening knowledge

ideal date for each zodiac sign

You may find it weird that an ideal date for an Aquarius looks like a group study session. But most Aquarius are intellectuals and like to widen their knowledge, so don’t be confused anymore. Just take your beloved to a book store or a library. Or better yet, have some books ready at your house and invite him/her over.

Pisces: Wishing upon a star

ideal date for each zodiac sign

It's not easy to find a more romantic sign than Pisces. Pisces people enjoy quiet atmosphere and nature. They're also simple and undemanding. So, a long walk under the starlit sky may be enough for them. If you want to offer more, a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant would be absolutely ideal.

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